Pizza Panini Recipe | Cooking Skills

but the star of this game is my pizza

panini I'm browning a pound of sweet

Italian sausage all right so we're gonna

add 1/2 a red onion to the sausage and

the sausage has a nice rich flavor so

it's basically the ideas all the flavors

of a pizza are gonna be on this opinion

oh and I just love panini Oh easy to eat

and easy to make and you can kind of top

them if anything you want so they're

always end up being a crowd-pleaser for

everybody my friends love them so we're

also gonna add a little bit of red

pepper just for a little bit of

sweetness and flavor so you kinda can

make this whatever you want it to be so

all your favorite flavors of the pizza

can go into this panini off and in Italy

panini are really any sandwich but here

in the States

panino is known for being a pressed

sandwich usually a hot pressed sandwich

but this is gonna be like the idea of

eating cold pizza so we're gonna heat it

all up press it all together melt all

the cheese and then we're gonna chill it

and eat it

at room temperature and I think that's

the fun part so we'll add the bell

peppers in so far it's like a sausage

pepper and onion kind of deal

so just saute this all together add a

little salt to soften the vegetable and

let this cook down slightly so while

that cooks I'm gonna get started on

assembling my penne though so I grab my

bread and I've got these function box

little sandwiches these make it really

easy to eat these little panini it makes

it easy to press too but the only thing

I want to do with this is take out some

of the inner dough so they're not so

Joey and there's room for all the

filling so now what I want to do is

we're gonna grab a little bit of regular

old tomato sauce marinara works well


we're just gonna add a little bit to

each half of the bread just like this I

think for a lot of people this is gonna

remind them of childhood so then I'm

gonna grab a couple pieces of the

mozzarella and we're just gonna kind of

tear it fresh mum said I'd left we're

gonna add a little bit of the mix

and we're gonna do a little bit of

Parmesan cheese right on top cuz I gotta

have my Parmesan cheese and a slice of

the pepperoni and then you put the lid

on and press down we're gonna add a

little bit of oil to the cast-iron pan

so that the bread gets a nice golden tan

we're gonna put it in the cast-iron pan

and I've already started heating my

cast-iron pan so that you could start

the panino and melt all the cheese right

away and then to press it down we're

just gonna add one of these heavy other

cast-iron pans right on top of it I love

this because you can make it in advance

you gotta find things that you can make

in advance that are super tasty but you

can eat it with temperature and times

even cold


let's take a look at our other panino

over here we gotta flip this baby over

yeah the cheese is already melted like a

gold in the glutes and that takes

another minute or so and then we're

ready and a slice of pepperoni

yeah baby looky there

nice and golden brown then put this one

in press down then you can cut it in

half you can see all the insides it's

gonna make it the perfect little pizza

Finny know what I want to do though is

lift and chill so that way it's really

easy to wrap them up and take them on

our picnic yeah Pizza babies all your

flavors are gonna heat set in a panini

or their cut is a prep in there yeah

salad isn't already in the party dress

are you good to go

job this is so good I never had it

before the idea is kind of like eating

cold pizza you know but it's perfect for

like football