Pad See Ew Stir-Fried Noodle Dishes From Thailand |Thail Recipe

hey you guys it's Fujairah back at you

with another video and then this one I'm

gonna show you how to make the popular

stir-fried noodle dish from Thailand

known as Patsy you so many of you guys

have requested this recipe after seeing

it on my Instagram story so I'm happy to

deliver and this is one of my favorite

Thai dishes simply because it comes

together so quickly it's hearty its

delicious and it just reminds me of

being in Bangkok but before we get

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let's start with talking noodles so I'm

using dried wide rice noodles today

typically in a traditional paths you

fresh noodles are used but I find that I

can't find them all the time at my local

grocery store so these are great in a

pinch and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

take a bit of these dry noodles and soak

them in some hot water until they get

nice and pliable that takes about 10 to

15 minutes and then I'm gonna drop them

into some boiling water and cook them

for no more than 10 to 15 seconds that's

all it really takes drain them and then

keep them to the side and now we're

gonna create the sauce that's gonna

flavor the noodles and I'm gonna start

off by adding a few different

ingredients to this bowl starting with a

little bit of light soy sauce some dark

soya sauce oyster sauce which is nice

and rich and thick a little bit of rice

wine vinegar and some sugar to sweeten

things up we're gonna give this a nice

mix next up we're talking meat now you

can use just about anything that you

want for this recipe today I'm using

thinly sliced pork butt chicken beef

even tofu work really really well we're

gonna season it up with just a little

bit of light soy sauce

and this you guys it's Chinese broccoli

it's also known as guideline and this is

the signature vegetable in pad see you

I'm just gonna chop this up thinly and

last but not least I'm gonna smash a

couple of cloves of garlic and give them

a rough chop all right so I have my

sauce I have my meat I have my guyline

cut up and my garlic smash

I'm also gonna grab an egg cuz we need

one for this recipe and now we're gonna

hit the stove and put this all together

all right you guys I have a pan here

that's on medium heat it has a little

bit of oil in it I'm gonna start by

browning off my garlic we're not gonna

actually Brown it but we're gonna let it

get fragrant in the oil and this little

take only 10 to 15 seconds it's all

ready you can smell it it smells so good

and just before it starts browning I'm

gonna add in my applies meat that we've

marinated and we're gonna swirl that

around ooh flashy flashy but this is a

good sign and we're gonna cook this

until the pork is cooked through

so my quark has cooked through it only

took about a minute since it's cut so

thin now I'm gonna add my guyline both

the leaves and the stem and again we're

gonna mix this through it'll only take

about 30 seconds for it to get nice and

tender and look at those colors so

beautiful and the leaves are getting

nice and wilted very very quickly now

I'm gonna push my garlic guy'll on and

quark to the side because I'm gonna try

and make some space for my eggs so I'm

gonna crack my egg in I'm gonna break to

you spread it out a little bit and you

want it to set before we start

scrambling it and now little scramble

perfect and now I'm gonna mix everything

else in and the first phase of our pad

see you making is done I'm gonna

transfer this to plate one of the keys

with making Patsy you is to always wipe

down the pen after cooking the veggies

and meat so that's exactly what I'm

gonna do right now get it nice and clean

and that way we don't have any weird

residue when we go to cook the noodles

all set to go so I've cranked my heat up

to high now my pen is clean I'm gonna

add a little bit more oil and we want to

make sure that it gets smoking hot it's

almost as if it's dancing in the pan and

this is perfect and now I'm gonna add my

noodles in go my noodles that is the

sizzle you want to hear and in addition

I'm gonna add in my sauce oh and look at

that color in spreadable want to get

every last bit in there and now we're

gonna get stir-frying


you want to make sure every noodle is

covered evenly in the sauce and

something to note about patsy you is

that it always has a bit of a char to it

so at this point I'm gonna take the time

to spread my noodles out into an even

layer on the pan and we're gonna let it

hang here for a couple of minutes just

so that it gets browned on the first

side and now I'm gonna flip my noodles

over so that they get browned on the

other side oh do you see that do you see

the colour that we've accomplished here

this is exactly what you're looking for

so again give that a nice stir and then

let it hang for another minute on the

other side to brown up now in goes my

vegetable and meat mixture and you know

what it's a matter of just doing it

quick stir through like so takes no time

at all and there you have it pat see you

in a minute I wish you guys are here

because it smells so good and honestly

I've made too much for me to eat on my

own so you know I'm all about sharing


plated it up it smells amazing I'm not

gonna lie my mouth is watering I just

want to give it a big hug but you know

what before you two pot I'm gonna take a

bite because ain't I'll let you guys

know how good it is right so nice swirl

those noodles are nice and glossy a

little bit of the pork a little bit of

the vegetable this is a big bite let's

see how I do


oh my goodness you would never think

that you would be able to create an

authentic dish like Pat see you at home

like for me for the longest time I

thought that this was one of those

dishes that you would only get out at a

restaurant or when you travel to

Thailand but I feel transported right

now the noodles are perfectly cooked

they have a little bit of a chew to them

and a little bit of a sear that char

adds so much flavor to the noodles the

vegetables are cooked perfectly the meat

is nice and tender and the flavorful

sauce is what brings it together it's

slightly sweet it's slightly savory but

oh so delicious

and the thing I love about this meal the

most is that it takes only 10 minutes to

make so you have absolutely no excuse no

more takeout from this Thai restaurants

you've got to try this I hope I hope you

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