Layers Of King's Ranch Sauce, Chicken, Cheese And Tortillas

so here we are in Georgetown about 30

miles north Austin to check out monument


and he's been mixing farm fresh flavors

with the taste of Texas since opening

this joint in 95 get the King Ranch

casserole mr. chicken and there's chase

and the pepper it's really a Texas thing

so let me get this straight

where does King Ranch sauce come from to

feed the ranch hands down the King Ranch

South Texas they used to make this okay

start with some oil got our onions bell

pepper a little bit of celery cook that


okay garlic sliced mushrooms down we

deglaze a little bit with some white

wine little salt black pepper Camino

down here the Camino is cooling that's

coming coming yeah Camino camina camina

little chili powder little Rotel

tomatoes green chillies who got canned

tomatoes with some like a half screen

chili smells like Mexican food

while we're in if you have fat that's

when it starts to work together and

build the room where the fat come from

the fat came from one we started with

oil all right now he'll slowly add in

little chicken start and finish off with

some whole milk there so you just sit

there let this reduce a little bit along

here this happened maybe probably six

minutes and then it's gonna settle and

you'll enjoy toast kiss yep and then we

get deep that's the best part and race

the cars

- now we're about ready to assemble a

casserole and put it in the oven I don't

know the word casserole exactly works

until on a stack or something - alotta I

like a lot okay I'll go and get the

sharpie and change all menus by this

afternoon okay so hit it ladle the sauce

down for the tortillas

don't stick and don't dry out exactly

and whose recipe was is everyone in

Texas has a different recipe this is a

staple yeah you grew up on it no my mom

was not a good cook sorry mommy no you

are pulled chicken dark and white yep

grated Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese

more sauce

thanks for using dark made more

flavorful oh yeah it's got the most

flavor it's got the most fat okay so

three layers of it this is the last one

yeah is there gonna be any cheese on top

of it

yep we'll just serve that half to

Matthew and then that have to me sounds


into the other party and then how long

will bake off about 45 minutes 350

degree oven not covered not covered

here's our King Ranch casserole serve it

with pinto beans and roasted root

vegetables I like the corner you just

jump right ahead took the corner you got

three slits it says green chilies that

come through creamy not spicy let's get

misinterpreted a lot of time and talk

about tex-mex food mm-hmm just like

Matthew saying having that dark meat I

think you did the right balance now real

good consistency man not too wet not too

dry shovel down a plate full of that a

really good smile

- a lotta casual home

that's like Texas come from Texas

comfort food