Is Gluten Free Eating Making You Fat?

I'm whipping up loins of pork infused

with fresh lemon and fresh herbs and

served in thick slices I'm gonna zest

one lemon

whenever I do lemon juice I always try

and use this ass cuz it's got all the

oils and it's so many so much more

flavorful okay next 3/4 of a cup of

freshly squeezed lemon juice right into

the ball 1/2 a cup of olive oil that

keeps the ones of course really moist so

I'm gonna do two tablespoons of minced

garlic I really want to mince this

finely so it doesn't burn when I cook

the one a fork right into the marinade

wanna have tablespoons of minced fresh

rosemary okay one and a half tablespoons

perfect and then time I think the

rosemary and thyme together really great

very Mediterranean so I need one

tablespoon of minced fresh thyme leaves

so that's one tablespoon of thyme I need

two teaspoons of salt and the last thing

is 2 teaspoons of good mustard I like

Dijon mustard has a nice sharpness to it

so I'm just gonna give it a little stir

this is really just like making a

vinaigrette it just has more lemon juice

in it so these are the pork loins I've

got three they're about 1 pound each

it's a really inexpensive cut of meat I

think it's fantastic each one serves 2

people after it's cooked I'm just gonna

slice it like that

so to marinate it I'm gonna put it right

in these put in this plastic bag that's


this way all you have to do is pour the

marinade in over and then the marinade

gets all around the meeting it really

gets into it

okay just pour it in carefully got it

seal the bag well it's not elegant but

it really works so I'm gonna marinate it

for about three hours it's even better

overnight so for the pork loins a few

tablespoons of olive oil in a pan I'm

going to do this actually the way

restaurants cook meat which is to sear

it in a pan and then bake it in the oven

so just lift it right out of the

marinade put it right into a pinning you

don't want to put the marinade into the

pan once miss driest account so that

they really see her it's gonna sear it

for about two minutes on each side so it

just Browns and I'm gonna put it in the

oven and cook it until it's just barely

pink inside okay you look gorgeous and

browned right now so I'm still giving

the turn that's beautiful

okay two minutes on that side and then

in to be other than hot oven and they'll

be perfect it's been resting for 10

minutes it should be nice and juicy and

tender how gorgeous is that look Wow

so just gonna put them on the board I'll

show you how I cut them

so I'm just gonna do slices like that

very simple it doesn't have to be fancy

it's perfectly done just nice and pink