How To Make The Most Popular Thai Food|Thai Basil Stir-Fry Recipe

hi guys welcome back to my channel it's

me Sai here and today I'm gonna be

showing you how to cook pack up our beef

pack up how is the most famous food in

Thailand Thai people like to eat it

because it's so easy to fly you can

fight from the street food and here the

restaurant and it's easy to make and

today I'm gonna be showing you how to

cook Pak about let's go I'm gonna be

showing you the ingredients first you

need the beef I will put it on the link

below what kind of beef to use how much

you need to use so leave chilli and

garlic match is well together Thai basil

and then dark soy sauce this is optional

you can put all you cannot put it boys

the sauce fish sauce soy sauce and then

oil you can use any type oil and sugar

you can use brown sugar or white sugar

and if you do beef packed up our don't

forget the pepper this is the key now

we're gonna heat up the pan alright so

when I do cook the food I like to

prepare the food and then you know like

Thai food that put a lot of sauce so I

will put all the sauce even though just

one ball so when it's not a cook I don't

have to like get the oyster sauce get

the soy sauce just put everything in one

holes and then pour it in one so make it

quick and then about

one tablespoon of oil

and then at the Sheila and the garlic so

first I'm gonna make for Adam Adam if

you don't eat spicy sauce it's going to

put a little bit until the chili and the

garlic started keep the smell

now this smells so good

this chili and the garlic is smell so

nice I'm gonna f the beef so the beef

you can mince it or you can just cut it

out like on there like thin piece like

this me myself I like to


go outside



laughs yeah I'm gonna add water a little

bit like

at the template

I think that water

and then

that's a little bit


just to give it nice color and then


put it on low

and unless you know when the huh kapow

is good when you start to sleep Daisuke

I'm gonna let it rest here then I'm

gonna do the Friday and I'm gonna show

you how to do pie spice by egg that you

have a pack of how crispy on the outside

and then have like that sunny sign up in

the middle keep the pen on the very high

heat at the oil like I was 2 tbsp we

need a lot of oil

my mouth is watering that main is good

oh well way back let's taste

so good patter power we need to eat with

kill tumblr and insight so when there

are pants start to get very hot until

you can see like a little small I turn

the pan on the sides so the oil could go

you one size but if you have liked it

that sound

Chinese pan oh but if you have that

Chinese pan well like the plate for this

would be so easy so you start to see the

pan is get a little bit of smoke put the



so we got the fried egg okay I'm gonna

get the rice I've got the jasmine rice

right here so like a power in on top

and then the egg and here we have cut up

out these and fry a so I just finished

cooking and guys I think I'm gonna be

sneezed a lot so I'm gonna put the fan

on I'm gonna put all right it's time to

eat so we actually have like half a kilo

of beef so we separate it and then we

have a little bit left so I just put

oils down sauce side and blue sauce and

frying it with

come on no we're gonna time Adam said is

so amazingly beep so assault it's all


the pit is so far and because this piece

is very stressed and the way I slide it

so did you like the beep smells so nice

and so still like so juicy and so soft

that you won't get that with the minced


that's why hobbies in my opinion

slide the meat is better all right guys

I'm gonna wraps up the video for part of

hot beef if you can't cook this recipe

don't forget to let me know I'm not

Instagram and until next time see you


oh my god I forgot to press the record