How To Make Texas-Style Barbecue

<b>-Arthur has really become</b>

<b>a barbecue master.</b>

<b>He throws these secret dinners</b>

<b>in the back yard</b>

<b>of his parents' house.</b>

<b>How do you do your events now?</b>

<b>-So, I mainly do it back here.</b>

<b>So, I'll have, like,</b>

<b>15 people back here,</b>

<b>just sitting at the bar</b>

<b>right there.</b>

<b>-Yeah. So it's like a secret</b>

<b>restaurant in the back.</b>

<b>-Yeah. Yeah, it's kind of like</b>

<b>a speakeasy in my yard, so --</b>

<b>-I love that.</b>

<b>I love that.</b>

<b>-And he's really figured out</b>

<b>this way to do it in a way</b>

<b>that both honors</b>

<b>the barbecue culture,</b>

<b>but also his heritage about</b>

<b>being Armenian-American.</b>

<b>What is Armenian barbecue,</b>


<b>in Southern California?</b>

<b>What does it taste like?</b>

<b>What does it look like?</b>

<b>-It's mainly the rubs and, uh,</b>

<b>the techniques.</b>

<b>-Yeah? All right. So what did</b>

<b>you want us</b>

<b>to start cooking with?</b>

<b>-Let me walk you through</b>

<b>the barbecue sauce real quick.</b>

<b>Right here, it's just the base.</b>

<b>It's, uh, ketchup,</b>

<b>balsamic vinegar,</b>

<b>and champagne vinegar.</b>

<b>-So, you got a little bit of</b>

<b>that L.A./French in you, right?</b>

<b>I see you.</b>

<b>-Yeah, exactly.</b>

<b>And then we're gonna add some</b>

<b>more acid.</b>

<b>-What is that -- molasses?</b>

<b>-Uh, this is</b>

<b>pomegranate molasses.</b>

<b>-Of course.</b>

<b>And Armenian was the one who</b>

<b>brought the pomegranate, too.</b>

<b>-Exactly. To California, yes.</b>

<b>-See? I've done my --</b>

<b>-Pomegranates, figs -- we all</b>

<b>brought that stuff here.</b>


<b>-And, then, this right here</b>

<b>is -- this comes from Nancy --</b>

<b>Calabrian chili.</b>

<b>So these come from Italy.</b>

<b>-Nice. Nice. Beautiful.</b>

<b>You know what</b>

<b>this reminds me of?</b>

<b>The Armenian Diaspora.</b>


<b>-All these places.</b>


<b>It's like a melting pot.</b>

<b>-And it comes back. Exactly.</b>

<b>I need somebody to taste.</b>

<b>You get V.I.P. treatment.</b>

<b>Yes, you go here.</b>

<b>We're gonna taste</b>

<b>what uncle did.</b>

<b>It's a little bit spicy.</b>

<b>Be careful.</b>

<b>This is all Armenian</b>

<b>barbecue sauce.</b>

<b>-I'll give it an "okay."</b>


<b>[ Laughs ]</b>

<b>This is --</b>

<b>This is a tough crowd!</b>

<b>We like, right?</b>


<b>-So, I'll give you this end to</b>

<b>try first.</b>

<b>That's where</b>

<b>all the flavor's at.</b>

<b>-The cue end is where all</b>

<b>the flavor is.</b>

<b>Wow! This is really, really</b>


<b>It's moist. You know, it's hard</b>

<b>to get the meat that juicy,</b>

<b>but you really</b>

<b>succeeded in that.</b>

<b>If you ever want a taster --</b>

<b>I mean, a professional taster --</b>

<b>I'll come out --</b>

<b>I'll come through, anytime.</b>

<b>-Oh, I feel honored.</b>