How To Make Tandoori Turkey | Christmas Dinner

hey you guys it's Jay back at you with

another video and then this one we are

getting ready for the holidays with my

recipe for tandoori turkey using

Butterball turkey now I love butterball

it's super juicy really really fresh and

it comes in three different varieties at

the grocery store so if you want to get

it fresh you can do that around the

holiday season and pop it right into

your oven otherwise if you want to

prepare ahead of time you can get a

frozen one and thought for the day that

you want to use it and lastly if you're

looking for a stuffed turkey and you

love stuffing the way that I do then be

sure to pick one of those up this recipe

is super easy it comes together really

quickly and the flavor is absolutely

sensational so let's get started so

we're going to start by making the

tandoori marinade if you've ever had

tundra you know how absolutely delicious

it is I'm gonna show you how to make

that marinade from scratch and as you

can see I have a whole host of different

spices that we're gonna add in some

yogurt some lemon so let's get started

so I have some plain whole yogurt here

to that I'm gonna add the juice of two

lemons I'm gonna grate in a few cloves

of fresh garlic some fresh grated ginger

and as you can tell I'm leaving the

skins on the ginger because they're nice

and fine and once you grate them up you

don't really feel them at all and in

goes a little bit of my homemade gar


this stuff is super flavorful and you

can find the recipe on my channel I'm

gonna go in with a little bit of cayenne

chili for heat you can use as much or as

little as you like we've already gone in

with fresh ginger and now I'm gonna add

some dried powder ginger and that's

gonna add a great flavor as well now a

touch of nutmeg nutmeg pairs so well

with roasted meats and now we're gonna

sprinkle in some dried fenugreek leaves

also known as kasoori methi and these

are similar to oregano in flavor so so

good now this is optional but I'm gonna

sprinkle in a little bit of red food

coloring and that's gonna give us that

iconic tandoori color and we're gonna

season the marinade generously with salt

and we're gonna stir every

to combine and look at that already you

can see the color oh it's so pretty and

this red color is so iconic when it

comes to tandoori chicken and we're

ready to marinate our turkey all right

so the marinade is done now it's time to

roll up my sleeves and get some gloves

on because this is about to get just a

touch messy there we go one and gloves

gloves they're on now now the key here

is you want to marinate the turkey so

that it's flavorful from top to bottom

on the inside all the way around and the

way I like to accomplish that is by

separating the skin from the turkey from

the flesh so I'm just gonna go in with

my fingers and start to separate like

this so I'm just gonna lift this up and

get underneath right by the turkey

breast and this creates a little bit of

a pocket I'm gonna do that on the other

side as well and that way the marinade

gets to touch the flesh of the turkey

and marinade meat all the way through

and now I'm gonna get in there with my

marinade scoop it up with your fingers

pretend like you're in place look again

and look at that color we're gonna

spread the marinade over the skin also

underneath and make sure that cut turkey

is completely covered and you're just

gonna smear your turkey all over get it

nice and under the skin near the flesh

oh my goodness this is gonna be one

tasty bird doesn't our turkey look

beautiful and it isn't even roasted yet

so now that I have the marinade on you

want to marinate it overnight or at

least for a couple of hours if you can

just to help all of those flavors

penetrate into the bird and then we're

gonna pop it into the oven so I have my

oven preheated to 325 degrees and you

want to cook it 20 minutes for every

pound of Turkey that you have and if

you're confused at all be sure to go to

butterball dot CA or call 1-800

butterball and someone on the phone will

tell you how long to cook your turkey

for isn't that amazing that's crazy

all right into the oven it goes


I'll write you guys and this is what it

looks like when it's done incredible

look at that skin it's glistening it's

perfectly browned and the smell coming

off this turkey is absolutely incredible

I can't wait to tuck in gonna cut myself

a little slice let's go let's do this

mmm mmm oh my goodness the magic of

marinating a turkey overnight the yogurt

and the lemon has tenderized it it's

nice and juicy and all of those spices

have permeated the entire turkey right

down to the core it's SuperDuper juicy

really really flavorful and such a nice

tape on the traditional Christmas turkey

I hope you guys give this one a try if

you do please feel free to let me know

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