How To Make Stuffed Seared Pork Chop And Chipotle Sweet Potatoes

I'm going to be making something that I

have a lot of weeknights at home it is a

food stuffed pork chop served with a

side of chipotle mashed sweet potatoes

what is really important is we're gonna

be brining the pork chop we're gonna

build a hot brine then we're gonna chill

okay we want to get flavor out of it I'm

going to use one cup from apple cider

vinegar and I'm gonna start to bring

that up to heat one of the nice things

about cooking with vinegar is that

you'll sure know when it starts to boil

because the whole place will start to

stink I am going to add 80 grams of

kosher salt and 90 grams of brown sugar

I need some peppercorns I'm gonna go

with a tablespoon of them most of going

with two teaspoons of mustard powder and

that is going to get added directly to

the vinegar I want to keep an eye on

this because I'm not looking to boil

this I really just want everything to

dissolve and then we're gonna let this

sit for five minutes

now I'm gonna go get my pork chops now

the pork chops are gonna be stuffed with

a mixture

I've got cornbread I've got sage I have

dried cherries I have raisins I've got

some buttermilk to hold it together and

walnuts they complete the fruit and they

also add a lot of texture what I

actually want is a quarter cup of

chopped walnuts roughly chopped now the

quarter cup of nuts are useless to me in

this state I must bring flavor to the

party by applying heat so I'm putting

these over very low heat and I'm just

gonna toss them every now and then until

they become fragrant so here's the thing

about toasting nuts they're not done

they're not done they're not done

they're not done they're done they're

burned it's not boiling yet but it's

just coming up to a simmer take it off

the heat give it a stir to make sure all

the solids have melted set it aside set

your timer for five minutes now I want

to stuff this thing I'm gonna do that

you're gonna use the finish sharpest

knife you have I want to make a small

hole what a big pocket so lay your meat

down chilling it is going to make a huge

difference okay and making this meat

nice and firm so you don't make a mess

of things all right so I'm going right

into the middle of the meat and I'm

paying very paying a lot of attention

my knife wait okay because if I'm up

like this what am I gonna do I'm gonna

go down and pierce the other side of me

well you know sawing as little as

possible you're gonna have to do it some

I'm gonna sweep towards the bone and

guess what my knife tip is on the bone

that tells me I have gone from all the

way over here all the way over here now

all I have to do is take my knife out

all right now my timer went off so I've

got to do something else I need to cool

this brine down that ice ought to do it

of course the ice is also good leaving

the solution and the ice is almost

melted since we've got to go I'm gonna

get this into a large bag the best way

to brine because it guarantees that

we'll get full contact between the meat

and the brine pork chops go in don't lay

them on top of each other kind of lay

them side by side Brian goes in get as

much of the air out of the bag as you

can because we want to maximize contact

with the brine and then squeeze till the

Brian comes almost up to the top I end

up with something that looks like this

I'm just gonna lay that inside the bowl

and I'm gonna set that for 30 minutes no

I've had raw work on this board it

hasn't been a case of trichinosis in

American pork industry in about 75 years

we're not taking any chances okay I can

go ahead and steam my potatoes now so

I'm gonna very quickly peel and cube to

sweet potatoes these are going to cook

for 20 minutes or until they are done

this is done I'm gonna take these nuts

up I'm starting to smell them just a

little bit I've seen that's burn while

they were sitting in a pan off the heat

now we'll move on to the stuffing a cup

and a half of the corn bread crumbled

two tablespoons of golden raisins my

quarter cup of walnuts and I'm gonna

chop those down just a little bit more

quarter cup of dried cherries teaspoon

and a half of black pepper two teaspoons

of kosher salt some chopped sage and I

need about two teaspoons so mix make a

little well in the middle we're in the

buttermilk trust me

you want this moisture because I might

as well get everything else together for

my sweet potato the first to that is

going to be one chip okay chilly but we

want the candidate cuz they always come

packed in a very flavorful sauce they

are strong so reach in

to yourself one chop that up and get

that into a bowl two teaspoons of the

sauce from the container I'm gonna go

with a tablespoon of maple syrup the

darker the maple the better we're also

gonna need two tablespoons of butter


once he spoons worth the salt all dumped

in there while I'm here I'm gonna test

these you should feel almost no

resistance these are done I'm glad I

checked them so what I'm gonna do all

right I'm gonna dump all on my Me's

applause ingredients into the pot I've

got the heat on low I'm gonna put the

sweet potatoes right back and I'm just

gonna mash so we're gonna try one on the

grill pan we're gonna try one in just a

cast-iron now I'm gonna get both of

these hands though ripping hot when you

get the pork out of the bag get all the

peppercorn soft we don't want those now

I'm gonna take some paper towel and I'm

gonna dry off the surface of these

stuffing time and every now and then you

should stop and kind of squeeze it

around a little bit just to kind of

distribute it so I'm gonna to meet I

don't want a whole lot I don't want it

dripping and I'm going to look to cook

each of these for three minutes per side

as the seer forms the meat will release

you'll notice like if you touch the meat

too soon it's gonna feel like it's

sticking to the pan but that's just

because across this morning I like deep

color some of that is the sugar in the

brine so it's gonna get darker on you

quicker distance going straight into a

500 degree oven I'm gonna flip them cook

another three minutes flip up cook

another three minutes and flip them and

now and take them out arrest them let

those rest for at least five minutes

now typically I just want to serve it

like that you know what I mean so I'm

gonna serve this one that way the other

way that you can do this is you can take

this right off of the bone stand it up

like this simply come down and take that

off of the bone serve that with the bone

on the side because as far as I'm

concerned that's what I want right there

I'm gonna nail that thing like nobody's

business right dig in