How To Make Spicy Thai Noodles | Easy Thai Noodle Recipes

what's good everybody and welcome back

to my channel smoking and grilling and

that's right today we getting ready to

do some spicy Thai noodles and we

getting ready to do with me a B now

listen you guys saw the title okay and I

just went over you know I'm making spicy

Thai noodles right this is about you

know changing up what we do you know

what we expanding our weekly and

bi-weekly you know regular meal and we

starting to insert a whole bunch of fun

delicious and just changing it up and

not to mention that these are going

these are Asian dishes like this is

gonna be like super easy also so we try

to get it up to three weeks and up to a

month that way nobody in the family

saying hey we have in this again because

by the time is come back they're gonna

have their mouth watering and they might

even requested for you to double it up

okay so with that being said we're going

to go over these ingredients you know I

ain't going to over talk it so let's get

it in okay now we for to go over these

ingredients right now you guys see these

ingredients listen this is for like the

Asian hook so listen I'm not gonna leave

you guys hanging by just kidding if you

guys go out and buy these ingredients

like when are we gonna use them again

about three months ago I put a pole in

my community test we talked about you

know Asian dishes and what everybody

wanted to see now that I'm at home we're

getting ready to get them in so listen

you're gonna need these anyway along

with just a couple of more and listen

we're gonna make multiple dishes how to

you know just so it's not gonna be

really it's not gonna be expensive at

all now let me just say this I'm gonna

start with the noodles all right look I

got the guini noodles right these are

the thin with a not as why I always use

these these are cool and then I'm gonna

show you something else

these right here look these Thai kitchen

you don't need a stir fry rice milk was

right these work good too you know what

it's really up to you I'm just gonna go

ahead and use these today

but I wanted to show you and listen

these are really inexpensive you get

what 14 ounces for about you know a

couple of dollars so get yourself some

of these or you can go this route also

this is one pound you know what I mean

but we're gonna go ahead and use these

today now I got a green onion you know I

couldn't they use it a lot for garnish

you know you can't go wrong this should

be something that you have in your

refrigerator at all times along with

like parsley now listen I just cut up

three stalks chopped it from the top all

the way down to the bottom but we gonna

cook with that here I'm just showing you

listen you guys use the brand or

whatever is available at your store but

this is just what I pick up this is

mostly very readily available at most of

these large grocery stores this right

here is the roasted you know red chili

paste then we got sesame seeds trick

with these sesame seeds too

I just like to say these are just like

uncooked they learn to roast it right

you can always put these in a hot pan

you know I mean keep them moving and

dark enough for you if you want to have

a roasted and a different color that's a

little bit of flavor to it but you have

to have a lot of it really does taste it

then we got a red chili flakes and then

obviously what you guys are seeing every

time you're new to my channel you'll see

that every time I pick up an ingredient

the the quantity and the ingredient name

shows up on the screen also and at the

bottom of each one of my videos you'll

see that I'll keep an ingredient list

and they're in my description box all

right here we got sesame seed oil

there's right here smells incredible huh

when you guys smell it they listen it's

gonna make your mouth water

alright and then we got soy sauce then I

got two tablespoons listen this is two

tablespoons of canola oil you can use

vegetable oil whatever but this right

here is my oil that's just two


and then I got me a little sriracha

right here hey we're gonna add it up we

don't make it a little spicy you know I

mean so not a lot of ingredients but

again if you guys give this an elective

make this recipe and it's super fast

listen I won't be done in about 15-20

minutes okay so with that being said let

me go ahead let's get these I'm gonna

make these just the way it says and make

them on the UH on the package so I'm

gonna get those going and then we gonna

get the rest go on the first thing we

want to do is we want to follow the

instructions that came on our noodles

right so we get us a pot bring the water

to a boil put our pasta inside and again

we just want to read it and these were

going to be done in ten minutes so I set

a timer now this is what you know what

makes it like super quick right so we

got our water boiling we put our pasta

in already so now we're getting ready to

go ahead and start making you know

setting up our oil listen like I said 20

to 25 minutes and it's just you know

it's done I guess the longest thing

that's gonna take is just for those

noodles to really get ready other than

that we're gonna work simultaneous i'm

mateus lee with it and then we don't

make it happen so I'm gonna go ahead and

just start this off on medium-high got

this going let's get a little heat in

here and then we're gonna start off with

our oils we're gonna start off with our

sesame see our vegetable right

and our chili flakes so i'ma go ahead

and just put these right here they're

already ready to go what I'm doing right

now is I'm just getting a little heat in

the pan then I'm adding also you want to

get yourself a strainer and you know

what I just use a 1 cup Pyrex cup you

know you can use whatever you want to

use you can use actually a bowl or

whatever but the smaller the container

the better because we're gonna drain

this oil and get those pepper flakes out

all right so I'm a good way to start

adding my oils

their Mahr chili flakes

you know what I'm gonna do is we just

gonna stir it around like this we just

want to get it high and we want those

chili flakes to release you know its

flavor and this spiciness into the horns

now that we don't give it a chance to

you know cook a little bit and release

its flavors into the oil what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna go ahead and stop it now

you just want to grab your strainer and

then you want to pour all your oil along

with your chili flakes you know into

your strainer super easy now I'm gonna

take this faster and we're just going to

move it around just to get all of the

oil out that's possible here you have it

you know a string nice and pure got that

red chili pepper taste to it and I'm

gonna show you what we gonna do next now

what I did was I just cleaned it out any

residue you know from the chili flakes I

took that out I'm gonna go ahead and

start off on medium you know medium heat

now right so let's start it got that

going look now we're getting ready to

put this the holes we just took out we

get ready to pour that in there

now we're gonna take the soy sauce we're

gonna put that in there we're gonna

start whisking and we're gonna put this

chili paste in here

now by adding our chili face here you

know what by being warm and the healthy

to dissolve we're just gonna mix this

whisk this around a little bit

it's a chili pepper coming to chili

paste you know what to go ahead and uh

you know cookie in heat up and dissolve

and any second now my god my noodle

should be coming up you know getting

being done and after that we're gonna

add it to it and then we gonna go from

there like I said you guys are super

easy super simple they listen big on

taste if you guys never had it you got

to give it a chance

now what I'm doing now is I'm reducing

it down the lower

and the reason I put it down although

because we just want everything to be

nice and warm we don't really want it to

continue to cook that's at about 175

degrees right now on my cooktop so we'll

leave it like this

we'll wait for that timer to go off then

we're gonna go ahead and get a colander

we gonna strain the noodles and then

after that we're gonna add the noodles

to this then we gonna finish it up and

then I'm gonna let you guys know there's

a bunch of other options that you can do

you know you can add it just you can add

carrots peanuts whatever me I don't like

nuts at all so okay whatever is your you

know you want to put in here you can do

it ah you hear that right there

everything is coming together and

there's ready all right let me go ahead

and strain these noodles now okay as you

can see you know my noodles have already

been strained I'll go ahead and use a

set of tongs you know I mean and I just

started adding it to you know to my

sauce right so you just want to keep

adding it and listen the purpose of this

is obviously it's just to get your

noodles you know coated and one thing

about noodles you guys everybody knows

that they are super absorbent that's why

I like spaghetti and things with pasta

takes so much better to the next day and

okay now you saw me just hitting it with

that you know what the sesame seeds and

now I'm coming with the green onions and

now would be the time that you would add

your carrots and your peanuts or

whatever else you want to add to it all

so now you guys can see here it is you

know what our I can't say it enough I'm

getting ready to have me something right

now yo mouth should be watering just

like mine right now so I want you guys

to let me know down in the comment

section below - or you guys want to add

carries peanuts or how do you guys like

yours just let me know I'm just curious

you know what this right here is good

for me just - the chicken you know what

I mean I should have put some chicken in

there but listen you guys can do that


you can look this is your base you can

make it however you want to make it

right now we finna get us on all right

so look now you guys just saw another

option you know I mean these spicy Thai

noodles are just like super easy to make

you know what they very filling and I'm

gonna go ahead and get me some of these

right now you know I'm playing with

these chopsticks like I really know what

I'm doing

you don't work better yeah let me go

ahead and keep it real let me give me a


and there you go hey can't go wrong

right here so these are them right there


hey this right here got a nice little

kick to it now if you notice like when

you're looking down at the description

box below I'm gonna give you like a

estimate you can go 1/2 a tbsp of red

chili flakes all the way up to a

tablespoon and a half just really up to

you I went and hid it in the middle

always just do a tablespoon hey listen

that's about as far as I can go y'all

this right here got my mouth going I'm

ready to wrap this up and hurry up them

continue eating so I can get this down

now I'm thinking man you know it's some

chicken and shrimp with it just hit it

off right hey so I want you guys to let

me know down in the comment section

below you know well what are you gonna

put in yours you know how do you like

yours have you ever had this Yatta Yatta

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