How To Make Peking Duck In A Special Oven| Chinese Food

<b>I'm meeting chef Alan Ji</b>

<b>and he's a master</b>

<b>in Chinese cooking.</b>

<b>So, when you call out the order,</b>

<b>do you call them out</b>

<b>in Mandarin or do you</b>

<b>call 'em out in...</b>



<b>-Yeah. Cantonese, Mandarin,</b>

<b>and a little bit of English.</b>


<b>So, how do you say, "Pick up"?</b>

<b>-[Speaking Cantonese]</b>

<b>-[Repeats Cantonese]</b>

<b>-[Speaking Cantonese] is "take."</b>


<b>-[Speaking Cantonese] is "away."</b>


<b>[ Both speaking Cantonese ]</b>


<b>-How do you say, "Faster"?</b>

<b>-[Speaking Cantonese]</b>

<b>-[Repeats Cantonese]</b>


<b>-Table 32 ready.</b>

<b>[Speaking Cantonese]</b>

<b>-Yeah. [Speaking Cantonese]</b>

<b>-Well, show me the line;</b>

<b>show me what we're gonna do.</b>

<b>I'm excited.</b>

<b>-I can make</b>

<b>a ma po tofu for you.</b>

<b>-I'm here. I'm here.</b>


<b>-Feed me, Chef. Feed me, Chef.</b>

<b>-Let's -- Let's do it.</b>

<b>So, let's clean the wok.</b>

<b>[ Sizzling ]</b>

<b>-You know what I think</b>

<b>is amazing, Chef?</b>


<b>-A wok that has been around</b>

<b>for thousands of years.</b>

<b>You can't improve it.</b>

<b>This is the same wok that</b>

<b>somebody created</b>

<b>about 1,500 years ago.</b>

<b>It's quick; it's super-hot.</b>

<b>-Oh, yeah.</b>

<b>When a chef have no hair.</b>


<b>-They always burn it.</b>


<b>We use a leg to turn it on.</b>

<b>-Your knee!</b>

<b>-Yeah, the knee, like a...</b>

<b>-Like the twist.</b>

<b>-like that. Yeah.</b>


<b>-So, turn it on.</b>

<b>-Wait, wait, I want to --</b>

<b>-So, see -- see -- if you --</b>


<b>Like that.</b>

<b>Thousand times a night, right?</b>


<b>-Put some duck soy sauce.</b>

<b>-Duck soy sauce?</b>


<b>-Reason why I put</b>

<b>duck soy sauce:</b>


<b>-make the color.</b>


<b>-Chili oil.</b>



<b>Ready to go.</b>


<b>The smell of this is amazing.</b>


<b>It's not finished yet.</b>

<b>-No, I'm just smelling, Chef.</b>

<b>[ Laughter ]</b>

<b>So, it's blanched lobster</b>

<b>and then you're finishing off</b>

<b>in the stir fry.</b>



<b>-Watching Alan in the kitchen</b>

<b>was absolutely amazing.</b>

<b>It's like watching a dancer.</b>

<b>And it's also the economy</b>

<b>of the movement, right?</b>

<b>'Cause it's hot and he's gotta</b>

<b>know what the next step is.</b>

<b>He's so quick and precise</b>

<b>in his movement.</b>


<b>-We put the lobster like that.</b>

<b>Lobster ma po tofu.</b>



<b>Mix a little bit. Flavor.</b>

<b>-It's so delicious.</b>

<b>The heat and the tofu for sauce</b>

<b>and then the lobster on top.</b>

<b>Yeah, I'm keepin' this.</b>

<b>[ Romantic tune plays ]</b>

<b>It's a really theatrical</b>

<b>vibe to Mott 32.</b>

<b>They have a open kitchen,</b>

<b>they have a big bar,</b>

<b>incredible decor and design,</b>

<b>but, for me,</b>

<b>the heart of the restaurant</b>

<b>is really this incredible</b>

<b>Peking duck oven</b>

<b>where they then bring out the</b>

<b>duck and carve it table-side.</b>

<b>Ohh, yes!</b>

<b>I'm in heaven.</b>

<b>Peking duck has traditions</b>

<b>that reaches back</b>

<b>hundreds and hundreds of years,</b>

<b>when it was a dish coming</b>

<b>out of the Ming Dynasty.</b>

<b>-First part, the skin.</b>

<b>-So, this is truly a regal dish.</b>

<b>-Dip with brown sugar.</b>


<b>-So good.</b>

<b>-Hoisin sauce with sesame</b>

<b>and peanut.</b>

<b>-Oh, nice. Beautiful.</b>


<b>-Just use your hands and pick</b>


<b>-the cucumbers, [indistinct].</b>


<b>-This must be one of the most</b>

<b>popular dishes on the menu.</b>

<b>-Yes, it is.</b>

<b>-So, we have limited</b>

<b>availability of these.</b>


<b>-We only serve about 28</b>

<b>for each dinner service.</b>

<b>-Yeah, that's mostly</b>


<b>We have the only restaurant</b>

<b>with Peking duck direct</b>

<b>from oven to the customer.</b>

<b>-It's the perfect dish.</b>

<b>It has everything.</b>


<b>-Crisp flavor.</b>



<b>-And -- Yeah.</b>

<b>We have a lot of Chinese</b>

<b>tourists here.</b>


<b>-They like traditional</b>

<b>Chinese food, so we try</b>

<b>to introduce different regions,</b>

<b>from west to east,</b>

<b>north to south.</b>


<b>-Before, everybody think</b>

<b>Chinese food is like cheaper,</b>

<b>that's it.</b>

<b>That's why we need like</b>

<b>bring the high-level</b>

<b>Chinese food</b>


<b>-to the world.</b>

<b>When you come into this</b>

<b>environment, there's no doubt.</b>

<b>You step your foot here</b>

<b>for one second,</b>

<b>you're part of an experience</b>

<b>and, when you have this duck,</b>

<b>it's absolutely amazing.</b>