How To Make Patchwork Valentine's Day Cookies | Cooking Skills

hi friends it's me again Sami Mila your

host of extra sweet and today on our

Valentine's Day episode I'm going to

show you guys how to make these super

cute Valentine's Day heart cookie cut

out on the cover of our February issue

of Better Homes and Gardens let's get

started first step is making your cookie

dough fortunately I did that already so

divided it into three batches as you can

see here and I'm going to show you this

really cool really like clean hands way

of tinting your cookie dough so I need a

pink and I also need a red and I'm gonna

start with the pink first and I'm just

using a red gel food coloring I'm just

gonna put just a couple drops here in

the center so I'm gonna need my dough

but I'm gonna use my wax paper to go for



sometimes when you're working and you're

dying you're dealt with your last paper

you may work your wax paper to the point

where it rips and that's okay if you

just transfer it to a new one you'll be

good as new and ready to go


so I'm gonna wrap this guy back up with

pasta crop that it came in and then I'm

going to do the same thing with another

batch of dough but that one is gonna be

rest so I've got all of my notes 10:10

left one plain when it's pink and one is

red so now I'm going to roll each one

out to about 1/4 thickness and I'm going

to cut a bunch of hearts out and then

I'll show you how to put together the

patchwork design


this is just to keep it from sticking

everywhere now when I make these cookies

at home a good tip for rolling this on a

parchment is to make your apartment long

enough so it extends over the edge and

I'm just gonna use my hip to hold it in

place that way when I roll it my

parchment isn't going with it


it takes my tiny little heart cutter I'm

going to dip it in all the flour so it

doesn't stick and I'm gonna start making

my rows you can kind of see I'm not

doing any measurement

I'm totally eyeballing this you can see

here I have all my heart cutouts and

again we're going to need both this part

and it cut out parts I'm going to fold

this over and set this aside we're going

to do the exact same thing with all

three colors


now that we have our baby hearts all cut

out of our dough I'm gonna put the

different color baby hearts into the


and I put red hearts pink hearts and

plain hearts and with the clean dough

I'm gonna fill all the cutouts and then

I'm just gonna repeat that motion and so

it's all filled up and I went to the

same thing with the other dough and then

we're just gonna cut big heart cutouts

from these don't worry if you don't use

all the dough I'll show you here in a

little bit what we're gonna do


so I'm pretty much just going to repeat

this whole process with the different

colored O's I have and the different

color hot cut outs I have and then with

whatever is left over we're just gonna

match it up kind of like this roll it

back out to about a quarter inch

thickness and then we're gonna make

marbled cookie hearts

not all my cookies are cut out and I'm

just gonna lay on this last one on my

ungreased cookie sheet we're gonna go

bake now for about six to eight minutes

or until the edges are just dried and

then I will come back and show you what

they look like all finished all the

cookies are done you can kind of see

here that I did some of the marbled ones

like I was talking about earlier that

has a really cool tie-dye effect and all

of our little hearts instead of our big

heart and it's just darling absolutely


alright friends now you guys know how to

make the patchwork style heart cookie

cut outs from our February issue of

better Homes and Gardens there's a lot

of different ways that you can use this

dough so grab the issue check it out and

I will see you guys later