How To Make An Orange Meringue Tart With Graham Cracker Crust

all right so today continuing on our

sweet journey what are you making an

orange lemon curd meringue tart curds

are a little bit dangerous side there is

a some big control factors and stuff so

you know hopefully your ladies won't

screw it up

but today we're gonna do a graham

cracker crust hmm I love a graham

cracker crust so my favorite might have

anything that's like really bright

citrusy with the crust is that corner

piece you know are you going a little

bit thicker edge on the corner we're

just gonna get the crust going so I need

five tablespoons of butter we're just

gonna melt it 1 and 3/4 cup of graham

cracker crumbs all right and then we're

just gonna put them in our food

processor to pulse to make them really

nice and beautiful we'll put a quarter

of a cup of sugar in there about a half

a teaspoon of cinnamon I like a little

bit of a warm spice a pinch of salt is

always gonna mix this up and then our


I'm just gonna line the inside of our

pie plate which is the idea is you want

it thick enough so that when we slice it

you know it has a substantial crust you

don't want it too thick and if it's too

thin it'll just fall apart when we cut

it all right there you go

nice and neat easy-peasy put the whole

thing in the fridge for a little bit

while we'd get our courage together well

that was a little girl my mom would make

an orange curd pie and I loved it so

much it was always like a special

occasion so that's why I'm doing this

all right yeah tons of orange zest going

on in there 3/4 of a cup of juice there

we go now that's gonna go in my pot now

right in this pot 5 eggs and then 1/3

cup sugar then we beat it until it's all

the same then we're gonna cook it till

it gets nice and thick this is gonna

take a few minutes but once you see it

start to thicken up this is not

something you want to walk away from

you'll make scrambled eggs and you don't

want to do them hmm one and a half

sticks of butter cut into Pat's I'm

actually gonna turn my burner down see

what's happening you lick it for another

couple of seconds if I don't it will

really start to become scrambled eggs

and look all of a sudden it got really

thick didn't it so now I start to whisk

in the butter and then when you see that

disappeared and you can add another one


it's really delicious but it's also

really really sweet so just for fun I'm

gonna add the squeeze of about a half a

lemon all right we're gonna take this

get all of it in there I'm gonna fill it

right up to the top so I'm gonna bake it

in the oven until it is firm enough so

that I could cut it when it cools in the

meantime let's talk meringue I would

recommend when you are separating eggs

do the egg whites one at a time in case

you got to like you had five egg whites

done and then all of a sudden no yolk

broke and you were trying to get the the

yolk out of there and you got to start

all the way over this gives you an

insurance policy that we do one at a

time and dump it in here all right

oh geez I'm not doing one at a time now

am i I was living on the edge

I really would really recommend to go

though just one at a time like that a

little pinch of salt so when you get to

here we're going to add half a teaspoon

of cream of tartar

we're starting to approach soft peaks

but we're not there yet so I'm gonna

start with my sugar and I'm going to

sprinkle the sugar and very gently and


another check speedometer in


break me pause does that look like a

stiffy the true toss firm around when

it's at a stiff peak is that you can

take this bowl of meringue and you can

turn it upside down and it won't come

out mmm I feel pretty good about that


we'll whip together a little creme

anglaise four egg yolks two cups of

heavy cream 1/2 a cup of sugar half my

sugar in my cream and half in my eggs

bring this to a boil put a teaspoon of

vanilla extract and then our egg yolks

that we have over here with this sugar

we're gonna beat them together until we

get what's called the ribbon stage it's

going to double in size it's going to

really lighten in color and when we draw

our whisk through it or go like this or

like this it'll look like ribbons

actually you know what you guys go ahead

just use all of your egg yolks you might

as well since we have them there's no

reason for that one more way you look at

we're starting to get there and see what

I got going on mm-hmm

all right so cream at a boil so here we

go it's like this whisk where you're

pouring that in about half of it once

it's all combined immediately right back

in there I'm gonna turn this burner off

but go we got we cooked it and now it

just looks like a nice sort of thick


oh pretty yeah so you can see it's

loosey-goosey but it's not liquidy all

right I want to do piled high with

meringue on top then I take a back of a

spoon all right and just really seal it

on to the edges and I make lovely little

Peaks all right so I'm gonna put this

guy back in the oven for just a couple

of minutes it's gonna start to get a

little crispy and it's gonna brown a

little on the top and just in case I

want to brag a little bit more I've got

some power tools really gently on this I

would recommend if you can't leave it in

the oven as long as you can I'm gonna do

a little saucing on the bottom of my

plate now when you cut make sure you get

all the way through the graham cracker

crust would be prettier if it was cooled

but don't worry about it

it still tastes delicious go ahead and

get rid of all these I love this that's

so good