How To Make Mushroom Crepes|Cooking Skills

hey guys you cleaned up okay everybody

welcome to crepe class crepes are

traditionally French pancakes real

characteristic of French crepes is that

they've been extremely flexible you can

roll them around things you can fold

them in a little trifle too whether

you're doing a traditional dish like

crepe Suzette or a savory crepe which is

what we're gonna be doing today

I'm gonna go ahead and start with two

eggs 3/4 of a cup of milk 4 ounces of

water well I went a little over half

done there I have here one and a half

ounces of melted butter that I've

allowed to cool a little I would add a

pinch of salt to this even if they were

gonna be sweet just want to barely bring

it together now I'm going to add four

and a half ounces of all-purpose flour

gluten is a protein matrix that is

created when the proteins in wheat flour

get wet in our agitator you need a dough

to make it strong I don't want this

strong I want it weak I want it flexible

so it's gonna actually help me if I go

ahead and mix everything ahead of time

is that way I'll be able to get the

flour mixed in in just a few seconds

really be slow with your your blender

I'm barely bringing the button out this

needs to sit and rest as long as you can

spare so if you're gonna keep it


obviously you refrigerate it it's only

gonna be about an hour I would just Park

it someplace out of the way I'm going to

do mushroom filling the onion is going

to form the base of our filling there

are 50 different ways that I know what

to cut and onion I lay it down so the

top part of the onion is towards me

notice that I'm I'm moving my knife and

almost a fan manner and that gives me

something that looks like that much of

French cuisine

you don't want color you want to sweat

with you which means adding some salt to

dry out liquid and heat it is low enough

for the onion or whatever it is become

soft and translucent without browning I

have here 8 ounces each of brown cremini

mushrooms and kotaki mushrooms since

they are full of water we are definitely

gonna use higher heat on the mushrooms

as I stir these around it's gonna sound

like little screams coming out of the

mushrooms listen

that tells you the heats fine you want

them to start taking on brown color did

you see that stuff on the bottom

I want that because I'm about to deglaze

this by adding a liquid that's gonna

allow me to solve that flavor just

enough deglaze kind of scraping around

because I want to cut loosen all that

goodness that's on the bottom I'm also

gonna reduce the heat my fat my starches

in the milk are building up and if I go

much further than that I'm going to burn

it I'm gonna throw in a little bit of

tarragon and I'm gonna throw in a little

bit of chive I am gonna finish this with

a couple of ounces of a melted cheese I

like promo on I find that it's got a

nice flavor that doesn't get in the way

of the mushrooms you start to see it

stringing up a little bit and that's the

filling I'm gonna cover it set it aside

it's done now comes time to make crepes

now we've got a couple of different

styles pans in this kitchen I prefer

this because I like a super clean edge

on my crepes and I put it over

medium-low heat my two dogs are sitting

right here because they know I'm gonna

screw up probably the first three crepes

and throw them on the floor

they eat more Papes than I do I have

very cold butter that I use it cold to

control the pan temperature a little bit

if I swab this thing down with super

cold butter as the water and the butter

boils away it cools the pan you want try

to get your batter evenly distributed on

the pan now there's nothing I can do I'm

gonna wait I'm just going to wait I

generally mine down for about 30 seconds

you'll look at the top and you'll notice

it's not so shiny anymore now if you're

really good no I would have gotten that

completely right you can flip it like

that knock yourself out

and then I generally count to about 10


hands up hands tilted pouring in the

middle letting the pan rotate to make

even distribution get a little bit more

color got a little bit more than a

nation I'm getting in a groove now I'm

gonna try to be a little neater this one

my pan is starting to get too hot again

see how that that's rippled up there

almost like scrambled eggs yeah I'm not

the best in the world at this but you

don't have to be my suggestion is eat

your first one thing that you'll find

that probably has to be changed is

seasoning if you know that it's gonna

become a dessert crepe it should still

have a little bit of saltiness to it so

it's a savory crepe you're gonna want it

to taste good by itself a little bit of


great mushrooms I don't want to make it

very thick I want to spread it out a

little bit I'll Rosanna on edge in when

you're moving a crepe try to do it

without putting your fingers up through

it it's like pizza dough that way it'll

break very very easily be very gentle

it's always a good idea when you're

doing a dish like this keep some fresh

herbs just cut right on your station you

might be dadgum I wish I had some

parsley boom you got it get my nice

little present I don't want to fill over

there maybe the last one I usually just

do it like as a dollop in the middle and

a lot in go everywhere make it rain make

it make it snow

I have a rack position in the center of

the oven I'm gonna stay here until it's

lightly browned on top

I like that mushroom so crepes from

scratch and the filling and the bill I

know it sounds simple but it's not