How To Make Mac And Cheese Pancakes | Cooking Skills

so I'm here on the old North End of

Burlington Vermont where two gals are

taking it old school you got to dig it

this is butchered babes flippin cakes on

a scale of zero to legit it's on legit

just delicious what is the menu chef's

produce driven grandma's chic oh whoa

whoa back up a second there's like

millions of cookbooks of that I like to

make old-school classic dishes with my

own modern twist got mac and cheese

pancakes for the hot dog mac and cheese

pancake is ridiculous it's got this

maple syrup which has how Kenya's in it

the Chris penis that comes out from the

melting cheese that's beyond favorite

let's talk about what we're making well

we're gonna start with a buttermilk

pancake better well I guess we do I

guess we do I mean it's gonna be tough

to keep up with this and I can already

tell you flour salt baking soda I could

probably leave and you could just host

the rest of the show by yourself of you

right now

eggs buttermilk and guy we're just

mixing are you still doing it batters

all right she's doing a great job folks

diners drive-ins and grandma recipes

yeah what's up next

I've been yours here habanero syrup

Vermont maple syrup

grade-a dark color robust taste we might

be related I know right so maple syrup

and the habaneros bring it up to a boil

we let it sit for about three hours we

got a bucket of wieners bucket of mac

bucketed Vermont cheddar okay buttermilk

pancake batter hot dog slices this is

something that my husband added to the

recipe we're gonna put in cooked elbow

macaroni our Vermont cheddar press it

down I'm impressed

spray the top of our pancakes with

nonstick spray over on the cheese I make

a gigantic skirt and getting all that

crunchy cheese scallion habanero maple

and we enjoy


this is outrageous the cheese skirt

reminds me the squeeze in back in the

day in Sacramento that is money the

crunchy part and the creamy part of the

mac and cheese

it's the saltiness of something you

don't get enough of which is hot dogs

then you dip it over here into a

slightly spicy we're mom maple it's all

my favorite thing it sounds like the

weirdest thing I've seen on the menu in

a long time and it is so legit well done

whoa wow that was an odd snap hotdog mac

and cheese pancakes you got the sweet

you get the spicy you get the tangy it's