How To Make Italian-Inspired Nachos With Salami, Ricotta, Basil

this right here is some Italian turkey

sausage and some ground beef just hit it

with a little bit of onion and this is

gonna be going for these great guy Talia

nachos let the meat kind of cook down

get nice and brown a little crisp to it

just gonna hit a pinch of some garlic

not worried about the garlic burning

right now because there's so much

moisture in the pan gonna let this turn

the heat down a bit these gonna be

topped on top of some great Italian

nachos and speaking of great Italian


I need to work on the salsa for that

capers and peppadews you know I love the

Peppadew and this kind of sweet a little

bit of heat but it's gonna be a great

basis for this so some Tomatoes some

onions all going to go together to make

this great Italian salsa go ahead and

dice these up peppadews in the bowl and

to really give this Italian salsa its

own little kick just a touch of that

great Peppadew liqueur that's in there

next up tomatoes a lot of tomatoes but

it is a salsa chop those capers up so

they're not little brining buds that

scare somebody when they get a bite next

red onion


and now some parsley


Parsley's done okay

a lot of shopping here on Big Bite I

know but it always makes it worth it and

this going on top of the nachos we

dynamite okay a little more garlic some

salt fresh cracked pepper and let's give

this a little mix and a little olive oil

on top of that not too much but Wow look

at that now I'm going to get into doing

some of the well looks like some chips

for the nachos here these are wonton

skins so drop them into the oil

separating them a little bit you don't

want to put two or three at the same

time it's get a few of those in


it's the layers that really make this

work you know it's not just put down a

bunch of chips and clump everything on

top take the time stack the chips nicely

get the meat on there evenly and these

are really gonna come out great so

people grab them they get one that

really has kind of everything to it all

right these bad boys into the broiler

now keep an eye on them because those

skins have already been fried they could

go really fast Oh looks dynamite

sprinkle that on the top then like

you're doing an Italian style got to

have some salami say Julie end up some

salami some green onions some nice color

in there of course some basil a little

Italian parsley and for some of that

fresh bite how about a little bit of

pepperoncini that's diced up Oh