How To Make Hearty Italian Sandwich With Sweet And Spicy Sausage

a party Italian Kogi I've got the

sausage browning already I did half

sweet and half spicy sausage and now I'm

making a little mayo to put on the

actual holy bread so one cup of

mayonnaise and three tablespoons of

Calabria and Chile this is a spicy

little mayonnaise that I'm making but

it's gonna be really good with the with

the sausage and we need some lemon zest

and this hoagie is sort of a play on a

bond me

it's a Vietnamese sandwich and it's kind

of a similar idea but an Italian version

of it really brightens up all those

flavors especially when you're using

store-bought mayonnaise it's really nice

to add a little lemon zest brighten it

up a little bit


some salt but too much just a little mix

it all together and like this you've got

a homemade Calabrian chili spicy mayo I

think it's really nice and it's a great

color to Mayo is done now let's grab the

bread and the salad we'll get to the

bread in one second I've got a little

bit of arugula so this is our vegetable

side or salad side to the sandwich so

it's kind of all in one and we're gonna

add to the arugula a little bit of basil

and I'm just gonna give it a quick

little chop just some fresh basil cuz I

love the freshness of the basil and the

arugula with the sausage sausage is just

about there I think I could turn this

guy off yeah and we're gonna add a

little bit of apple cider vinegar for a

little bit of light freshness a classic

Bonnie Vietnamese sandwich has a pickled

vegetables which we're gonna use a

garden air or instead and some fresh

herbs so we're gonna just use a little

bit of arugula and some basil a little

bit of salt and you just toss that all

together it's a nice fun play with the

sausage and a little bit of the

freshness from the vinegar and then the

pickled vegetables they kind of cut

through the sausage the flavor and the

fat of the sausage so it's a really nice

combo what I want to do with the bread

is take a serrated knife and open it up

Odie's a really nice soft bread so you

just open it up just like this and you

can find hoagies everywhere filled with

all different kinds of things that's

very italian-american sandwich pull out

the extra bread because I don't want all

of this extra bread in there I want to

make room for the filling we're gonna

start with the Mayo part see how pretty

that is

it's like this orange e pink Mayo it's

really pretty I love the sandwich cuz

it's really satisfying okay we got that

next we're gonna put the sausage right

in the little tunnel that you created I

taking out the extra bread okay we're

gonna use a little bit of the jardín air

and the jardín air is just Italian

pickled vegetables and usually it's

carrots and bell peppers and it can be

green beans and it's very popular for us

especially during the holidays at

Christmastime it's like our first course

we believe it opens up sort of I'd

digestion so we can fill it with lots of

different foods so then we add a little

bit of the basil and arugula there we go

okay you can kind of just smush it and

it forms to the sandwich that you want

loogie they're got the great color and

then you get all the veggies and all the

meat and all the lettuce that is our

first hoagie