How To Make Heart Shaped Jam-Filled Hand Pies for Valentine's Day

hi friends it's me Sami Mila back again

on extra sweet and today I am here to

show you how to make super cute

jam-filled hand pies that have decorated

with icing and sprinkles and heart

cutouts for you and yours on Valentine's



I've already pre-made our dough and I've

got that here that was hanging out in

the fridge for a bit and I'm gonna roll

this out into a nine by eight inch

rectangle see how far we've gone here oh

I'm at ten inches by about eight so we

want to be at a nine by 8 so I'm gonna

squish this together a little more I

can't see if I can get him nicer not

perfect rectangle so we want to get

pretty close just so later on after I

fill these it makes our crimping process

a lot smoother and we're gonna cut it in

half lengthwise

and then we're gonna cut each one of

these into thirds and I'm actually going

to roll out another one for you guys and

show you how to make heart-shaped pies

as opposed to like rectangles and since

we're doing cutouts here the size

doesn't really matter we're just gonna

measure this and thickness and we want

to be I'd say about a quarter-inch thick

ish then dipping my big heart cutter in

flour I want at least six hearts


since these are meant to be Valentine's

Day I'm going to show you how to make a

cute little heart window and literally

all you need the smile cookie cutter

like so and we're just gonna punch out a

heart right in the center here

but don't get rid of this because we're

gonna use that later I'm going to use

let's use this one this one looks

closest in shape here got a little

strawberry jam here I'm just gonna put a

little bit right in the center you can

use any filling you want here you can

use any flavor jam or jelly thing is

peanut butter just a little just like

that you don't want too much filling and

now I'm ready to kind of brush my edges

here with a little milk and this is just

a hub glue our top piece of pastry over

bottom one and I'm just using a fork to

kind of press the edges just like this

and this is just to help secure the

filling while it bakes


just like that and I'm just gonna do

another one and I'm gonna cut a big

heart off the bottom there we go and

then I'll use this little one and I'm

dipping my cutters and flower also to

help them from sticking and this one

looks like itll and match I'm going to

use some chocolate hazelnut spread

I spread that right in the center

towards the edges a little bit but not

up to the edge because we do need some

room to crimp my milk wash can't forget

that just again brushing the edges a bit




then we'll do one more here


all right so I want to brush the top of

this one with a little milk because I'm

actually going to add the cutouts from

the other two right on top of this one

just like that because I mean it's still

pastry dough it's still good to use so

why waste it you know and it's still


I made a few more hand pies just a

couple plain ones I'm gonna brush

everybody with a little milk just so

that when it bakes it's gonna give me a

really nice golden crust at this step

after you brush them all with milk you

can also sprinkle some sugar on them for

a little crunch you can do some coarse

sugar you can also do a colored sugar

like if you want to do like a red and

pink would be super cute


now we bake

sorry little hand pies are all done and

all baked and all ready to eat but again

we are on extra sweet so we've got to

take it up just a little bit more and

all I'm talking about is a little

powdered sugar icing could drizzle on a

couple of the plain ones maybe or all of

them whatever you're feeling


and just a couple Valentine's Day

sprinkles so really drive home to love


you can never have too many sprinkles in

my opinion I would literally put them on

everything if I could there you have it


these super acute jam-filled hand pies

literally amazing for any occasion but

today they're for Valentine's Day thanks

for hanging out with me and I will see

you all next time on extra sweet