How To Make Gooey S'MORES Pie | Cooking Skills

I am making my s'mores slab pie which is

buttery and flaky it's perfect for a

crowd so to get started I'm gonna make

my crust I'm gonna grab two and a half

cups of all-purpose flour and then I'm

also gonna add one and a quarter cups of

whole wheat flour I'm gonna add six

tablespoons of sugar and now add my salt

and then a teaspoon and a half of

cinnamon and a few passes of nutmeg and

the nutmeg and cinnamon combined with

the whole wheat flour or what's gonna

give this quest that graham cracker

flavor and I will whisk this to combine

now that my dry ingredients are combined

I'll grab my butter and shortening I

like using a mix of butter and

shortening in my crust I want to do

everything that I can to keep my butter

and shortening as cold as possible

because that is gonna help the crust

state flaky and I'm just gonna use my

hands to smash the cubes of butter and

shortening to incorporate them into my

dry mixture but I still want some larger

chunks of butter and shortening my pie

dough mixture is looking ready so now

I'm gonna grab my liquid two-thirds of a

cup of cold water it's important that

it's cold again for the flakiness

and then I'm also adding two teaspoons

of vinegar vinegar and hibbott the

formation of gluten in a pie crust and

helps it stay flaky I'll drizzle this in

and then I'll use a spatula to mix it

all together and it's starting to come

together into a dough so I'm gonna

finish it off by just getting back in

here with my hands I'm gonna wrap it in

plastic wrap now I'll divide it in half

one piece for the bottom layer one piece

for the top layer and I'm gonna form

these blobs into rectangles because I'm

making a slab pie this is a job that can

be done a couple of days in advance

and now I'll refrigerate this for four

hours so we can firm up I want some more



I'm gonna assemble my small slab pine

now I'll got my rolling pin and I have

one half of my dough that I'm gonna roll

out for the bottom of the pie and I'll

dust my work surface with some flour so

that the dough doesn't stick and also

just the top of the dough and I want to

roll out my dough so that it's big

enough to cover the pan and hang over

the edges a little bit to get a nice

thick crust I'll transfer my dough to my

pan and to do that I'm gonna roll it up

and I'll slip my pan right underneath


I'm just helping it get molded into the

corners of the pan and now for the

filling couldn't be simpler chocolate on

marshmallows I've got four chocolate

bars and a lady is right in and I'll

break up the fourth bar and distribute

it all over and this chocolate is all

gonna melt right down and then I'm gonna

cover the chocolate with mini

marshmallows I'll spread my marshmallows

all over the chocolate and now I'll grab

my other half of the pie crust to roll

up for the top so I'll roll this out

just like I rolled up the bottom layer

of crust

okay this top crust is looking ready I'm

going to gently transfer it to the top

of the pie whew alright now I'm gonna go

around and pinch the edges to seal and

then I'm gonna grab my scissors to trim

off any excess edges and now my favorite

part I'm gonna use my fingers to make a

crimping pattern on the edge and I'll

brush this all over with a thin layer of

egg wash and that'll help the top of the

pie get shiny and then the last thing

I'll see you before I'll bake this is

I'm gonna cook a few holes in the top

with a fork just to release the steam

this is gonna bake at 400 degrees for 40

to 50 minutes until the top is golden

and I cannot wait to eat this

this is stunning and it already smells

like camp in here okay I'm gonna let my

pie cool while I make my chocolate glaze

I'll grab some milk and cocoa powder and

now I'm gonna add three cups of powdered

sugar to my bowl three quarters of a cup

of cocoa powder some salt and six

tablespoons of whole milk

I know mix it until it's smooth and I'm

looking for a thick spreadable

consistency this is perfect it's ready

to go on my pie okay I'm gonna use an

offset spatula now there's your shoot it

around I like getting nice big swoops

and the glaze so glossy and gorgeous

okay sprinkles type I have these cute

sprinkles that have little tiny

marshmallows in them I'll sprinkle these

all over it's so great it's like a big

fancy some more