How To Make Couscous Salad With Olives, Raisins And Sun-Dried Tomatoes

hey you guys it's Jay back at you with

another video and you know what I love

when you guys get in touch with me and

let me know what you want to see on my

channel and recently on Instagram I got

a flood of messages saying that you

wanted to see quick easy weeknight meals

and one of the things that I like to

make on a week to week basis and I make

a huge batch of it and then eat it

throughout the week is my couscous with

olives and raisins it is such a

sensational dish couscous takes five

minutes to make all you need is boiling

hot water you don't need a stove you

don't need a microwave you just need a

kettle and then it's good to go

and we're gonna add a whole bunch of

different flavorful toppings to bring it

together and it makes for such a perfect

side with like a protein so you can do

fish chicken beef pork or just have it

on its own as a salad and top it off

with a few more fresh vegetables which

is exactly what we're gonna do today but

before we get started if you're looking

for the full recipe you just click that

info box down below and everything you

need is there let's make some couscous

let's talk couscous couscous is kind of

like pasta it's younger cousin hipper

more up to speed with if that makes any

sense and I love couscous because as I

mentioned it cooks up really really

quickly so look at how pretty really

nice and tiny and what we're gonna do is

we're gonna season it up with just a

touch of salt and top it with an equal

amount of water so I'm using one cup of

couscous today and we're gonna use one

cup of hot boiling water if you're using

two cups of couscous obviously use two

cups of hot boiling water and we're

gonna stir everything together so I'm

gonna season up my couscous with a

little bit of salt now I'm gonna top it

off with my boiling water from the

kettle and we're just gonna give it a

nice mix around so that all of the

grains are touched by the water that's

super easy now I'm gonna take a little

bit of plastic wrap and what we're gonna

do is we're gonna trap the steam from

the water in the bowl and that's what's

gonna help cook the couscous so we're

gonna let this hang for five minutes and

after that we'll check on it and fluff

it up so I thought it would be really

cool if we added

a bit of sweetness to the couscous in

the form of raisins so these guys are

obviously dried and find that the best

way to bring them back to life is by

pouring some hot water over them so I've

got the same hot water that I have for

my kettle for my couscous and we're just

gonna give this a stir it's gonna hang

for about five minutes or so until it's

nice and plump and then we can chop them

up whenever I make a dish I like to make

sure that I'm balancing flavors so we

have the sweetness of the golden raisins

and now I want to add some brine enos in

the form of olives right so the best way

to pit olives is to press down on them

so my olives are now all smashed I'm

just gonna pull out the pits

and then we're gonna give them a rough

chop and then I have some beautiful

sun-dried tomatoes that are packed in

well I've just pulled them out of the

oil and we're gonna give them a rough

chop and they're gonna add a little bit

of meeting this a little bit of

sweetness as well some tartness I love

their flavor so my raisins have been

soaking for about five to seven minutes

and if you look at them now they're so

plump and juicy so I'm just gonna drain

them off and chop them up so my couscous

has been steaming away for about five

minutes like it was in a sauna or

something super bougie couscous and now

we're gonna do the big unveil and walk

through it to make it nice and fluffy

ooh looks good all right so you just

want to do one of these numbers rake it

through and look at that it's really

coming to life nice and fluffy oh I love

couscous so easy so my couscous is nice

and fluffy to that I'm gonna add my

olives my sun-dried tomatoes as well as

my plumped up raisins oh my gosh doesn't

that look and sound amazing already and

you can use just about any herb to dress

it up and today I'm gonna go in with a

little bit of dried mint just because it

adds like an amazing Mediterranean note

to it and dried mint as opposed to fresh

mint is a little more tea like in flavor

super super tasty and such a great use

of a spice that's not usually used now

I'm gonna squeeze in the juice of half a

lemon and that's gonna add some

brightness a little bit of acidity now

we're gonna go in with a few gloves of

really good olive oil and last but not

least even though I see the depth of

couscous before I'm just gonna add just

a touch more salt to bring everything

together and now we're gonna give it a

nice mix around and look at that ah and

you can smell once the heat of the

couscous is touched the sun-dried

tomatoes and olives off the smells that

are just coming to life here delish all

right so this couscous is ready to go so

you can eat it just add this right now

warm room temperature or cold but if you

want to take it to the next level I like

to add

few fresh ingredients to make it a salad

and when you make it a salad and you

store it in the fridge obviously you

can't reheat it so you might want to

portion half of this so that you can

have it for a warm meal and the other

half with all the salad ingredients so

that it's nice and hearty and you can

pull it straight out of the fridge and

eat it right away so - my couscous I'm

gonna add some cucumber nice and fresh

some of these super cute baby cherry

tomatoes we're gonna go in with those

whole but if you have larger cherry

tomatoes you can cut those up a little

bit of fresh parsley and last but not

least some pomegranate seeds so I've

split my pomegranate in half and then I

have a little wooden spoon here I'm just

gonna top to release the seeds and

they're gonna add little pops of

sweetness to our couscous so I'm glad

this is ready because this is more or

less my lunch today so a nice big scoop

get every little ingredient in there oh

and it looks like a kaleidoscope of

colors it's so beautiful I'm gonna grab

tomato a little bit of reason mmm let's

go for it

this is incredible so the thing that I

love about this dish is that as you

start to chew first you get the pop of

the tomatoes the fresh tomatoes and the

pomegranate seeds they just pop in your

mouth then you get the meatiness of the

sun-dried tomato the brine enos of the

olive and then you have the sweetness

those raisins coming through it's so

fresh so flavorful so flavorful that's

what I'm trying to say and it's perfect

eaten just on its own or served

alongside a grilled meat grilled fish

you name it it's gonna work such as such

a healthy recipe and so tasty too I hope

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