How To Make Chinese Style Crispy Fried Honey Eggplant

sticky honey sesame sauce drizzled all

over the cutest little crispy eggplant

nugget fried my finger which is fine it

happens all the time this is my crispy

honey sesame eggplant I'm always looking

for ways to get my meat loving friends

and family to eat more vegetables and

this is one of those ways my friends

because having that really crispy

eggplant and that super soft inside and

then that drizzle of the sticky sauce I

mean no one can resist it all right so

let's get going on the eggplant itself

first of all now I'm going to use one of

these large eggplants cut the sides off

and what I want to do is create some do

the cute little Q's it's my preference

for this one just try and make yourself

a little rectangular shape here and then

into some thick slabs


laughter you looking for cute little now

for the salting part so this is really

interesting a lot of recipes tell you to

salt your eggplant to get rid of the

bitter flavor but I find like modern

varieties of eggplant don't tend to get

that bitterness so for me this is an

optional step I actually salt the

eggplant here just because I like the

seasoning it's good to have a little bit

of seasoning on the inside of that sort

of crispy nugget when you bite in and

now just let that eggplant sit in that

colander for just the time it takes to

prepare the rest of the ingredients

really and that's all you need so let's

get on to doing our sticky sauce

and this one is really simple I'm gonna

start off with some honey and some

vinegar just plain old white vinegar

some soy sauce and then just bring it up

to a simmer I want it to bubble away to

kind of infuse and meld together all

those flavors for a couple of minutes

and then now just to picking everything

up I'm going to add a little bit of

cornflour that i've mixed with some

water I'll just stir that through and

wait a couple of minutes for the magic

to happen and there you go have a look

at that you almost want to return the

sauce to the same thickness that the

honey was when you started and look at

that golden color that is one happy

looking sauce now that sauce will

thicken up as it cools down so if it's

too thick by the time you come to pour

it out just hit up a little bit alright

now before we get to the bread crumbing

process let's take a look at the

breadcrumbs themselves so I love panko

breadcrumbs they're a Japanese style

bread crumb that's really crispy and

light the problem I find is that you get

such a big variation with different

brands and even within one packet you

can see here the crumbs range from

really large to really fine now I want

to get a really beautiful even fine

from on each little eggplant motive here

so here's my tip for when you want that

kind of texture I'm going to put all

this into my mortar and then just grind

them down to a really nice even fine

powder and the other way you could do

this is to pop the bread crumbs into a

ziploc bag just use a rolling pin to

kind of pound them out and there you go

much better

much more even fine texture just tip

that out and the rest of our chroming

process we're going with the usual

suspects here I put some flour and some

eggs now if you have a look here at the

eggplant I can see that got kind of like

a wet moist outside so I know that some

of that salt has seeped into there and

giving us a really good flavor now pop

handful into the flour just toss them


now into the eggs and now mix them

through the egg as well and then into

the breadcrumbs


all right so now we're ready to make

everything nice and crispy let's check

out our oil temperature I decide to

stick in a wooden chopstick or wooden

spoon those of you who are longtime

watches of my channel would know all

about this trick okay lots of good

bubbles there so we are ready to go


now as always I'm deep-frying I like to

tend to my little babies in here and

just keep kind of tossing them and

turning them over now these don't take

long at all to turn beautifully golden

and crispy two or three minutes is all

you need and then look at that deep

frying things like she's so happy never




and I'm going to take my word on the

crispy just have a listen to this oh

there's no reason to shake them at all

except for I wanted you guys to hear how

crispy they are that is definitely a

crispy crispy little eggplant like it

we've got there okay so get these out

onto a plate


and now here comes the obligatory

closeup drizzle shot and you ready that


this sauce as well such a simple sauce

and yet that tangy honey flavor so good

and just finish this off with a really

good sprinkling of some sesame seeds and

then you go guys

crispy honey sesame eggplant

we can't wait to dig in here so cute


they're really crispy on the outside but

they have this really like flash soft

silky inside and then that sauce just

perfect like tangy to perfect sweetness

hmm so you could say this was like a go

potty nibble or party favor or you can

serve it with lots of other different

Chinese dishes like a banquet kind of

thing when sort of Raj

so if with anything we'll just eat it

straight off the plate like I am I

should probably share though I mean it's

a big fight

sheriff you