✌How To Make Chinese Beef Noodle Stir-Fries | Hoisin Beef Noodle Stir Fry

sweet beefy noodles this one looks

really simple but I've got a few little

techniques up my sleeve that make this

little dish even more amazing these are

my high end beef noodles all right so I

have a problem well I used to have a

problem with beef noodles whenever I use

beef mints for my noodles I found that

they got a little watery they were kind

of gray and just not all together really

special so I decided how can I make my

beef noodles more beefy well this is the

solution really simple but works so well

so first we're gonna start with the beef

in the wok and what I want to do here is

really kind of char the beef and

evaporate any of the juices you'll see

what I mean let's get going I want a

little bit of oil in here doesn't matter

whether you're doing this in a wok or

pan the technique is still the same now

make sure this is like sizzling hot I

want to hear that beef as soon as it

hits the pan now one word on the beef I

do like beef with a little bit of fat

and I think it actually works better

with flavor and texture so my beef is a

little fatty



I just said that and then I touched it

just listen don't do it okay do what I'm

doing just listen and do what I'm saying

let the beat sit there and we're gonna

notice and I'm starting to see it

already some of that liquid juiciness

coming out it looks quite wet so what I

want to do is wait until that liquid

evaporates and that's when we're going

to start to get a nice char eNOS

trying to touch it it's really hard not

to touch things I'm gonna put this

spatula down so when everything starts

to smell kind of like it a seared

hamburger take a look in the pan and you

can see like all of that liquid is gone

it's quite dry and I can see some others

it is brown bits starting to happen

there so the magic is happening in this

gonna restrain myself a little bit

longer this way just a little more char

eNOS okay now get in there the Third's

Brown target will add so much more

flavor and beefiness to the rest of them

little surprise so now I'm gonna go in

with some onions and the key here is not

to dump everything in here at once so

what is it my onions and thyme


yeah onions just a little soft starting

to char a little bit I'm going to add

some garlic so the content days a little

bit backward because I would usually add

garlic onion into the oil and then my 13

test that Dali certain I don't want the

garlic to burn so I'm just gonna give

that a couple of tosses and now in with

some napa cabbage that I've got here

also known as Chinese cabbage or one box

depending on where you are and in

Australia we have the advance for things

when both it's such a weird one but one

box is what we call it in Australia so

there's some information that you might

not admire toss that around


right there now my shredded cabbage I

just added straight of cabbage so now am

i shredded carrots and at this point you

should be looking at a stir-fry that is

beautifully dried so I'm not watery I

can smell the beautiful like cherry

babies and my cabbage and carrot is

still a little tender but my onion is

nice and soft and sweet so we've kind of

got all these contrasting textures and

flavors and everything already I'm just

gonna pause there turn the heat off

let's do some noodle work now I've got

some beautiful fresh Chinese egg noodles

here you could use some prepackaged

ramen noodles if you've got them or even

thicker noodles like Hokkien noodles

that's fine as well the key here is that

I don't want to over cook the noodles

here because I want them to cook further

in the pan and soak up all that sauce

that we're gonna add later so just some

boiling water in the noodles go

and after just a few seconds I'm going

to take pan straight off over to my walk

turn that beef back on and get the

little straight man and now throw the

saucy stuff I'm gonna add in some oyster

sauce some paste into us some dark sweet

soy sauce just for a little bit of color

your petition use regular Chinese dark

soy sauce as well doesn't have to be the

sweet kind and then my little secret

ingredient here is a dash of white

vinegar just to cut through the

sweetness and add a little bit of kind

of loped

to the whole flavor and now put

everything together








a little bit of greenery here let's go

spring on them okay now that is looking

really amazing I love that and see we've

all concentrated in here because we got

rid of all the liquid from the beef so

that sauce is really tasty really

concentrated sticking to every strand of

noodle every little morsel of beef now a

little bit more spring onion here a

little sprinkling of sesame seeds and

that is one good-looking plate of

noodles and of course I'm gonna try it

just you know to be either just cruel to

you guys or just to let you know that

you know they are really good

you want your to straight away is that

kind of Chari intense sweetness of the

soul and then you get the really beefy

flavor coming through

hmm yeah beef noodles that actually

taste beefy love it I hope you guys love

this one too hmm YUM lucky I made a huge