How To Make Chilli Cheese Toast | North Indian Street Food

hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

with another video and in this one I'm

going to show you how to make chili

cheese pirata pirata is an Indian

flatbread and I like to take mine to the

next level by stuffing it and today I'm

inspired by chili cheese toast which is

a really popular North Indian Street

food I actually have a recipe for it in

my channel and we're gonna take the

flavors of the chili cheese toast and

step it in the paratha and cook it up

and as the project cooks up the cheese

in the middle melts down it gets

familiar with all like the cut onions

and chilies and stuff it's gonna be so

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let's make some Indian flatbread we're

gonna start by making the dough for the

paratha which is super simple you can

make this my hand but today I have a

handy dandy stand mixer which makes the

job all the more easy we're gonna drop

in our ingredients one by one starting

off with some all-purpose flour some

whole wheat flour a touch of salt and

some canola oil I'm gonna mix these all

up until they're nice and incorporated

and they're sort of creamy and texture

next up I'm gonna stream in a little bit

of water until a sticky a bit firm dough



while our dough is resting let's talk

about cheese there are two different

types of cheese that are gonna go into

this pirata first I have pizza

mozzarella the nice stretchy gooey stuff

and then for flavor I'm adding some old

cheddar now you don't have to go for

really expensive cheese's just go for

that $4 block at your grocery store girl

that's good enough try seeing this

combination of cheese is gonna be

delicious and you don't have to go all

out so into the spoiled a go next up I'm

going to finely dice a little bit of red

onion and that's gonna add some crunch

as well as some sweetness




so chili cheese toast gets its names

from the Chili's I'm using some Thai

green Chili's today and you can use as

few or as many as you like

I feel like three gives you about a

medium spicy level and we're gonna chop

these up five and now some fresh chopped

coriander because what is an Indian dish

with that poori and err if you find the

flavor of coriander to be Sofie you can

leave it out and substitute with mint

instead and now I'm gonna season up with

just a touch of earthy cumin and a big

pinch of salt and now we're gonna toss

everything until it's well combined my

dough has rested for a good 15 minutes

which has made it really soft and

pliable when I push on it it barely

springs back which means it's gonna be

super easy to stretch out I'm just gonna

take it out of this bowl oh I love that



and I'm gonna flour my board with just a

little bit of bench flour so you can use

whole wheat or all-purpose it really

doesn't matter

it just helps prevent things from

sticking okay now we want a portion or a

dough out into a little golf ball-sized

rounds so I have my handy dandy bench

scraper here if you don't have one of

these you need this in your life it

helps with everything scooping up

vegetables cleaning your cutting board

cutting pastry cutting butter into

pastry you got to have one of these one

of my best friends and I'm just gonna

start portioning it


so you get eight cute little rounds like

this when you're making this recipe so

keep that in mind and as you can tell I

tucked the dough underneath so that we

have a nice smooth top and now I'm just

gonna gently roll it out so this is the

first phase because you want to make

enough space to stuff the cheese okay so

roll it out to make a nice little pocket

you can use your hands to stretch a

little as well and as you can tell this

is the not so pretty side that's gonna

be the inside

that's what's gonna touch the cheese

filling and this looks great to me now

we're gonna take a little bit of that

cheese filling stuff it in the middle

okay I'm being a little generous here

you don't want it to sort of like peek

out through the sides because you really

want it to be stuffed and I'm gonna

pinch the dough over the stuffing into a

little package like this all right so

I'm gonna flour my surface again we have

these little pockets of cheese and dough

and they're not just gonna stay like

this we're gonna roll them out so I'm

gonna flip this over and we're gonna

give them a nice roll and as you're

rolling you want to be really gentle

because you don't want that cheese

filling to spill out okay so these are

gonna be about I would say eight inches

in diameter and take your time as you

can tell there's like a little pocket of

air that's forming that's okay but the

thinner you get them the more delicate

they're gonna be so go with the flow so

this is the first one done this is the

bottom side this is the top as you can

tell they're a bit of onion and chilli

peeking through but that's okay and

we're gonna continue rolling out the

others do you know the muffin man

because right now I feel like the

paratha lady so I have my roll down

Piratas here on a baking sheet we're

gonna go hit the stove I have a pan

that's going at about medium heat we're

gonna put them in the pan with no oil no

nogi whatsoever we're gonna cook them

until they're nice and golden-brown on

each side and gooey in the middle

let's do it I'm just gonna lay the prata

into the pan base of the paratha first

the thicker side and we're gonna let it

cook up for about a couple of minutes on

each side until it's nice and toasty and

golden and all of the cheese is melted

in the middle do you see how it's a some

puffy around the edges that's how you

know it's ready to flip and look at that

amazing so all the oil that we put in

the dough that's what's resulting in all

these little golden bits another two



all right you guys this is what it looks

like when it's done

so incredible these are showstoppers and

if you thought it ended here think again

I have a handy-dandy block of butter

because this is how you do it okay if

you take a little Bowl and you're

popping it into your microwave and like

waiting for it to melted no that's not

how you do it in Indiana household so

you get a block of butter like this and

you peel some of it off and then you

just go to town and you just smear both

sides of the paratha until they're

glistening glistening is the key word

mmm that butteriness it paired with the

spice and the cheesiness is so good this

guy has my name written all over him

let's tear in oh my goodness let's give

it a taste

so gosh-darn delicious okay mmm this

means he's so happy I mean like bread

with cheese and butter and chili hmm hmm

man this is what I'm gonna say chili

cheese paratha is dangerous it is so

tasty the dough the exterior is so like

chewy but tender at the same time and

then that combination of cheeses paired

with that earthy cumin that little kick

from the chili the coriander and those

crunchy onions is such a combo if you're

new to Indian food if you're new to

making any type of bread this is the one

to try because there's no leaveners in

it it's so easy to make and I mean the

results are incredible I hope you guys

enjoyed this chili cheese paratha video

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