How To Make Chicken Tikka Pizza | Cooking Recipes

hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

with another video and this one we're

making pizza but not any type of pizza

I'm putting my own Indian spin on it

with a chicken tikka Pizza chicken tikka

is a really popular Indian grill meat

we're gonna top our pizza with that tons

of cheese so that it gets nice and gooey

it's gonna be so so good

and we're gonna be making it using the

Philips airfryer XXL now I love this

appliance it has a beautiful starfish

design at the bottom which circulates

hot air 360 degrees which means your

food cooks nice and evenly and if you

have a big family at home this guy holds

up to 3 pounds of food which is amazing

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everything you need is there let's make

some pizza so we're gonna start by

preparing our chicken tikka it's quite

simple so I have some chicken breasts

that I've cut up into tiny tiny pieces

because you wanted to cook at the same

pace as the pizza and now we're gonna

add a few ingredients to make it extra

tasty so we have some dried fenugreek

which is known as Kasuri methi a little

bit of Kashmiri chilli powder which has

a bright red color but isn't as spicy as

Cayenne chili some garam masala it's my

homemade blend you can head to my

channel if you want the recipe as well

as some salt to season so in they go

whew perfect

now I'm gonna grate a little bit of

fresh garlic a little bit of fresh

ginger and as you can tell I leave the

skin on my ginger it's just one extra

step that you can skip because the skin

is quite tender and now I'm gonna add in

some yogurt the yogurt it's gonna help

tenderize the chicken we'll give it an

amazing creamy coating and last but not

least a little squeeze of lemon and that

brightness is just gonna bring

everything together and now we're going

to give this a nice mix up make sure all

of those flavors become

one with one another and already it

smells so good that yogurt is gonna

tenderize the chicken the spices are

gonna perfume it so up next we're gonna

be making our pizza sauce no we are not

buying the store-bought variety you are

gonna make your own and you're gonna see

how simple it is and we're starting off

with this guy you're familiar with him

passata one of my favorite ingredients

all that it is is tomatoes that have

been pureed up and strained and that's

gonna be the base and now we're gonna

add a few spices to reinforce the

flavors that we have in the chicken

tikka I'm going to add a few similar

spices so I have my garm masala here

again are dried mathe or fenugreek and

this time I've swapped out the Kashmiri

chilli for cayenne chili because it's a

little on the spicier side and I like a

spicy sauce a little salt to season as

well as some garlic powder and then it

goes and then we're gonna stir until

everything is nice and incorporated now

let's talk do I have an amazing pizza

dough recipe that I'm going to feature

down below in the info box but of course

you can use store-bought pizza dough as

well it works just as fine we're gonna

tip it over and we're gonna roll out

some pizza rounds so I'm gonna start by

flowering my surface just a bit so that

the pizza dough doesn't stick and we're

just gonna tip it out come out there we

go oh my gosh and look at it it's like

pillowy soft it's like a baby's bottom

you know and now we're gonna cut it up

into a few pieces to make our pizza



so I'm gonna start by sort of forming my

dough into a ball so you just take the

excess dough and tuck it underneath like

that and then I'm gonna flour my board

just to touch more and we're gonna get

to rolling so you can use anything to

roll pizza dough out I have a little

rolling pin here you can use your hands

you can stretch things out you just want

to make it a nice round even shape and

you want it to be evenly thick so that

it cooks evenly and this dough is

smelling amazing now I'm gonna pull up

my air fryer basket just like that it

comes out so easily and we're gonna put

our pizza dough in it okay so I'm gonna

start by laying my dough into the basket

and as you can see it fits perfectly so

this is nice for making like an

individual size pizza and then we're

gonna start by putting our sauce on top

because of course that's always the

first step to making a great pizza and

we're gonna spread it out nice and

evenly so next up we have a few toppings

I have some green peppers and thinly

sliced red onion as well as some cheese

so let's load up our pizza with some


I'm gonna go in with a few green peppers

some red onion and now I'm gonna top it

off with the chicken tikka and as you

can tell the chicken tikka is not cooked

through it's actually gonna cook in the

airfryer and the airfryer it does an

amazing job of keeping it nice and

tender and juicy as it cooks up and

we're gonna add as much as we can fit on

this pizza because I love chicken tikka


now I'm going to set the temperature and

cook time for the pizza so I'm thinking

400 degrees will be perfect you want it

nice and hot and we're gonna do it for

18 minutes because that's gonna get the

pizza nice and crispy now I love this

machine because it has twin turbo star

technology and has this amazing hot air

continuously circulating the food

drawing any excess fat to the bottom of

the machine which means that my pizza

ends up being a lot lighter a lot

crispier and a lot more delicious and

let's get things started okay you guys

it's ready I'm so so excited to see how

it turned out oh my goodness I can't

believe that I just made pizza in an air

fryer in credible we're gonna pull this

guy out do you see that oh my goodness

it is crispy on the edges nice and

golden but I love what's going on in the

middle it's glossy it's gooey and it has

like a little bit of char if you see the

little bits of chicken they're charred

on the outside and that is the magic of

the air fryer people let's cut into him

I can't wait


I've been waiting for this moment okay

this looks like the most perfect slice

oh my God look at that drippy gooey

cheese mmm

can we have a moment

can we please have a moment this is on

real okay the combination of flavors on

this pizza is absolutely magic you get

all of those spices coming through but

the thing that kills me is the crust it

is absolute perfection and that's

because of all that hot air circulating

around that air fryer it puffed up

beautifully it's nice and crisp and

golden it's sensational if you love

chicken tikka if you love the idea of

merging two different cultures in order

to make a pizza think about India and

Italy coming together and having a baby

and this is what you get so so good I

can't wait to continue eating this after

this video I hope you guys enjoyed this

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