How To Make Chicken Noodle Soup With Bone-In Skin-On Cumin-Rubbed Chicken

I'm gonna make my thrifty and tasty

cumin rub chicken noodle soup okay very

simple I've got four chicken thighs here

cuz it's a family of four that's all

you're gonna get one chicken fat per per

all right hey hey hey I'm gonna fill it

up with other things all right that

looks like when you go to the bar T only

over four or or four wings no but wonder

the conversation about the wings I need

to sit there's three parts whatever okay

so in my pot here a little bit of olive


I've already seasoned on all sides of my

thighs that have the skin on and bone-in

salt pepper and cumin okay all over and

I'm rendering the fat from the skin out

of them right now now I'm just searing

and rendering okay by the way did you

know that cumin is the most commonly

found spice in American spice drawers

you know yeah I heard that the other day

about well I mean it's where I thought

cumin would be yeah number like yeah

that sense was not Hungarian oh no can

you believe it all right so in this pot

right here and when this gets nice and

cool just rip off the skin and eat it


all right so in the pot here with that

rendered fat and a little bit of olive

oil one jalapeno mugsy's n or seeds out

doesn't matter it just depends on how

hot you want it obviously seeds in is

warmer than everything else em to me

jalapenos and cumin let's do it you know

reminds me of tex-mex I like the way

you're scraping all those chickeny bits

awesome I don't friend you got to get

that y'all y'all call it from like that

I'm not doing the dishes later you know

what I'm saying it's true what you say

Jesus I know again at Cal Pina yeah

excuse me no this is the inexpensive

jalapeno okay

she's trying to bump up the price oh you

are alright so from your freezer section

pearl onions that are already peeled

while they're frozen just run a knife

through them so they're in half yeah one

each no look here listen you know

usually when you make a soup you're

gonna do like the mirepoix that's

we don't have money for the - oh oh

you're not using any of that in your

chicken - no we just want we just want

the onion and the jalapeno flavor oh

you're playing to win you're but you are

going and my pocket

alright so Alex when that's enough like

you can handle it just pull the skin off

of it for me cuz I'm gonna put those

eyes back in okay - my finished pot so

look here I'm just you know translucent

color fabulous yeah you see a GZ

inexpensive cooking right here you know

I'm saying is Alex charting for her

labor no no that would be so expensive

so another money-saving store-bought

short cut is so freak though okay do you

know what's so free yeah yes

so it's onions and garlic and cilantro

and so many different flavors that it's

excellent if you're cooking without your

mirepoix but you still want a nice base

flavors is a big wad ground up get your

jar you can also get it in the freezer

section but I've already done the math

and getting into the jar is a lot less

expensive okay move that around all

joking aside you are building a lot of

layers of flavor that's right I want in

Carl that's right give me the love man

we're about making it delicious in a bad

day Jeffrey okay all right boys that is

bubbling and cooking instead of having

you know all of that space taken up in

my pantry with those cards of stock now

in my fridge I like this little tiny jar

of soup base just scoop it out there's

so much salt in it so I suggest don't

add a lot of salt as you're cooking and

give this a taste after you add the

liquid so I put that soup base in here

I'm going to add in that's what water

you know it's not spring water it's tap

it's New York City tap a best ingredient

on the planet it's so underrated it is

oh we're gonna get here we go our thighs

back in bone on everything remember we

just seared them salt pepper cumin olive

oil in that pot take the skin off have

fun with it eat it whatever whatever

whatever this is going to simmer and

cook you can cover it or leave it open

for about 15 to 20 minutes and then

right before you're done you're gonna

add in

some egg noodles very inexpensive you

can get broad or thin I like the thin

ones better for soup pour it in and here

we go

YUM we're not done yet so homey I'm

gonna take your cilantro $10 at these

chopped up for me I should have just

said I got it for my backyard it cost me

nothing that's not fair you could buy a

plant yeah and then you just come in

here beautiful surround and in my old

neighborhood in Brooklyn when you'd go

get some soup or something to eat they'd

always serve it away so well with the


yeah right you know it's home cooks so

family way so oh that's fun I love that

in there for you very hot and it's okay

to get your hands in there or your fork

and knife cheesy if I pass this your way

got out and make it hot okay great

appetizer on to the entree this cost

take $10 for 40 people I don't know the

Wizards back of there told us how much

and I just $10 for 40 people okay Alex

here we go for you and I'm gonna go see

how much this is at the register I'm so

nervous um mmm so good GZ is in the lead

with $14.90 for his family of four with

his expensive egg omelet let's see if my

chicken noodle soup is cheaper

geez I saw it you asked you got it hey

Alex I'm gonna take the stairs out of


who's next Katie's making ketchup

packets I think that's received Nathan

all right in all seriousness

congratulations but look at that this is

I was joking this is definitely a meal

in a bowl right it is so good it's a

perfect spice level and I love that : we

saw though right I'm the bone still you

can pick around it does make it feel in

taste and chew even harder than a

regular chicken noodle soup perfect

amount of spice grape to to the egg

noodles right little herbs at the end

this is delicious I taste the cumin and

all the spice in there good job son it

does not taste like