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hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

with another video and today I'm gonna

show you how to make my cheesy zucchini

bread which is a highly requested recipe

I posted this to my Instagram story is

not too long ago and all of you guys a

message for me to say make this on

YouTube and so here we are and the

recipe came about when I had a ton of

zucchini left in the fridge and had to

figure out how to use it up it is so

delicious its savory its cheesy it's all

the things and it has a ton of zucchini

in it but before we get started don't

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is there let's make some bread together

alright so the star of the show today is

of course zucchini I had to do that

little it's also known as courgette and

the key for shopping for zucchini is to

make sure that it's nice and shiny and

firm which is the one that I have here

today it's perfect and we're gonna get

grating I have a box grater here it's on

the biggest side this is the tiniest

side this is the big side just to

clarify and we're gonna get grating and

I love grating zucchini because it's so

so easy and we're looking to grate about

a cup now here's the fun part we have

all this grated zucchini and now we have

to get as much of the zucchini juice out

of it okay because the last moisture

there is the more successful this bread

will be so we're gonna take little

fistfuls of the zucchini like this and

we're gonna squeeze look at all that

juice it's crazy to get as much juice

out as possible

oh use all your muscles for this one and

then we're gonna drop it into this bowl

and we're gonna do the same for the rest

so while we have our grater out here

let's make use of it and grate up some

cheese because of course this is the

cheesy zucchini bread and today I am

using old cheddar I find that old

cheddar holds up so much better in terms

of flavor in this bread or you can use

Gruyere or emmenthal

and we're gonna finely slice up some

green onions

now we're moving on to the dry

ingredients so I have a bowl of

all-purpose flour here and to that I'm

going to add some baking powder which is

going to act as our Leben or as well as

a little bit of salt and some black


and we're gonna whisk this up until it's

nice and incorporated now let's get our

wet ingredients prepped into this bowl

I'm adding two large eggs a little bit

of milk and some olive oil and we're

gonna whisk this up until it's nice and

smooth and now everyone's going to join

the party so into my wet ingredients I'm

gonna add my zucchini and we're gonna

give that a nice stir until it's nice

and incorporated and then I'm gonna

follow up by adding my dry ingredients

and we're gonna mix this up somewhat not

too much I still want to see some

streaks of white flour and then we're

gonna fold in our grated cheese and

green onions until no streaks of white

flour can be seen I have a loaf tin that

I've greased with a little bit of butter

and in goes the batter and we're gonna

smooth it out into wine even layer and

this is gonna go into a 350 degree oven

for 50 minutes until it's nice and

cooked through in the middle and golden

and crusty on top and this is what it

looks like when it's done you guys I

can't even tell you my kitchen smells so

good right now

what I did was I let it cool down in the

tin and then I transferred it to a wire

rack and then it's been cooling for a

little bit and now is the time to tuck

in so I have my serrated knife here

we're gonna attack this guy let's do it

and Wow take a look at that you can see

all of those green onions the cheese I'm

loving the cheese to bread ratio here

let's give it a taste my mouth is

already watering let's do this

it's so good mmm mmm the thing I love

about this bread is that it's nice and

crusty on the outside especially with

those little specks of cheese poking out

they've caramelized beautifully but on

the inside it is so tender so flavorful

and that combination of black pepper

spring onions and cheese is just a

winner so many people think that it's

tough to make bread at home but this one

is so so easy and it's a great one to

impress friends with I hope you guys

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