How To Cook The Best Authentic Pad Thai | Cooking Recipes

hello it is your time here my name is

Lee and this manager and him I just

change it for octopus P you probably

wondering why I said it is because

bonito we have acne what does that mean


alright I let me know though it was

really hard tile today we can study all

right we're gonna start to make pad thai


I thought shallot and Nigeria that I

always do it overnight and don't forget

to limit the seed before your sodium

we're gonna add everything in food

processor if you don't want to use food

processor you can use model and pestle

to powder that will provide a lot more

flavor that's me after we branded

actually paid in the ball and hit a pan

missile cooking oil turn the heat on

medium heat and stir until you get

freakin spawns you


and then add one cup of water 3 tbsp of

this toss Edwyn full of palm sugar 1

full of white sugar 1 teaspoon of salt 3

tbsp optimal in juice 1 teaspoon of

paprika and then stir until the sugar


good over medium heat and let it cook

about 15 to 20 minutes alright after 15

or 20 minutes it depends on how thick

and rich

I'm gonna add 2 tablespoon of ketchup

and then stir until it deserve you're

probably wondering why I take too long

to cook it because I once saw a little

more taking finally we're gonna filter

it all right we got chicken satay sauce

now we can start to cook potatoes in a

wok and add a little oil a Thompson and

Steph I for 30 secret then pass it on to

a pit and step aside

atop with garlic and jealousy you can

add a little oil if you like when curry

can tell apply the protein bar and firm

tofu sing dance there until the tofu

lightly Brown and then s whisper super

edit and rice mushroom and then add

noodles I saw them in the room

temperature water for 2 hours now I'm

gonna add a bit more water to me the

noodle stuff so how do you know when the

notice thought you said taste it I tell

you at home that is if it depends on how

soft you like okay I'm gonna add 2 tbsp

of pad thai sauce and then mix you


I'm gonna Apple with my water at 100

wind it can be spelled after the game of

godchild and mix for 30 second now I'm

gonna sit another to another side of the


it'll be cooking oil int and then crack

two eggs in

I'm gonna break the joke

and then still below those over the eggs


all right after the 8 buildin is




little how it smells so good

good the soul isn't our but it's sweet

when you have it you ended up just in a

smear so good

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