How To Cook Taco-Themed Burger | Cooking Skills

my loaded taco turkey burger I've got my

turkey meat right here and I'm gonna add

to it some seasoning so I've got cumin

coriander garlic powder chili powder

salt and pepper and just gonna put that

in there Alex I'm gonna have you help me

out with this I'm gonna add to it some

grated onion I always like whenever I'm

doing a turkey burger or a chicken

burger or turkey meatloaf anything like


I put grated onion in it to kind of help

with the moisture level I think that

that really helps you know get it to be

not dried out so if you'll just form

this into four patties for me after you

divide them into four patties

you want to put them in the fridge for

about 30 minutes so that's usually what

I do when I'm making a turkey burger it

just helps them hold together a little

bit more and I've got a griddle here

nice and hot I'm gonna put these right

onto the griddle they need about five

minutes per side so I've got some

Monterey Jack cheese here I don't shove

my turkey burgers is that cheese gets

nice and melted oh those look good

fun okay I'm gonna top these with some

guacamole a little bit of pico de gallo

you'd also use just a slice of tomato

pickled jalapenos yeah oh there's a lot

of a little how dare you steal the body

play like that all right so let's dive

in guys that's a very good burger this

is a classic combo smells good