How To Cook Spicy Thai Sardine Salad | Thai Food

if you are looking for super easy cheap

and very tasty salad recipe what this

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70k everyone Monday

so everyone mother mayo recipe Unwin

welcome to my channel mean right mean is

cooking Nazi is cooking today I will

show you guys how to cook a very easy

salad just in 10 minute

it is sandy salad with tomato sauce but

in hindsight I ready let's go home


to start I will separate sad in from the

sauce I will use my hand to remove

sardines because I don't want to break

it if I use chopstick or for I can I can

break it



now peel and slice shallot



same for Raphael our names


to make it easier to cut the Calphalon

live row it before




when you buy a lemongrass like this you

cannot eat it so I will show you how to

prepare first cut in half then cut the

neat part now you can see inside right

so I will remove one layer then we start

to slice it as you can see there is CAI

off purple like lemongrass and my mom

she already taught me that when you cut

the lemongrass you cut until you don't

see the coca-cola inside see there is no

purple light inside so I stopped happy



and now the lie specially


now it's time to make everything in the

tomato sauce


leave my glass shallow

add fish sauce

then plum juice


mix everything well and tasty


it's very tasty



alright let's try it now

what ok you can join me you want to try

I don't know it seems to be actually

very spicy yeah


very very good it's free yeah it's fresh

it's spicy it's like sweet and spicy and

maybe a bit sour at the same time like

paella Thai style yeah yeah it's okay

hmm yeah this bitch is very cheap yeah

it's not even cost me 30 bucks you buy

all the ingredients yeah but you can 30

bucks is like not even $1 very cheap

very good excellent all right as always

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Chrissy I did it work

very good thank you for watching see you

next Monday from my view and our meals

now I will enjoy