How To Cook South Indian Shrimp Korma | Quick Week Night Meal

hey you guys it's ji back at you with

another video and in this one I'm going

to show you how to make shrimp karma now

karma can be prepared with so many

different types of protein lamb fish you

name it you can make a korma and what it

is is a curry that is creamy and

typically prepared with either coconut

or a nut paste so like a cashew nut

paste today I'm going to show you my

very simple preparation that's gonna use

coconut milk it's super aromatic it's

slightly spicy and it's just so so good

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you need is there let's make some shrimp

curry so I have a few aromatics that are

gonna start the base of our curry and of

course you're familiar with them I have

a little bit of onion some fresh ginger

as well as some garlic and we're all

gonna chop them up and by all I mean I'm

gonna chop them up and you're gonna

watch me chop them up and I'll hope that

you guys will chop them up the same way

at home

alright so my favorite way to slice

onion is to go across a few times like

this with a really sharp knife and then

to go down and then that creates like

this a little fan of onion and then that

way you get a nice fine dice on it top

next is the garlic and I like to start

by smashing my garlic oh I think a bit

of garlic hit my bowl it just ricocheted

off my wall and you know smashing it

like this gets it into nice small pieces

and then you can go in and then mince

away so I have some ginger here that

I've peeled and the reason why I peeled

this ginger is because it's going to be

sliced up and then finely minced usually

when I grate ginger I don't peel it

because the peel is so fine but in this

instance I do like to peel it so you

want to slice it nice and thin then line

it up like this run your knife across to

create little matchsticks tada this is

also known as a julienne

or Judy in poncey and then you're gonna

chop it up into little squares and then

we have half a tomato okay and the

interesting thing about the tomato is

that we're gonna use it as an aromatic

so I'm literally gonna cut it up into

four pieces and that's that okay it's

just gonna bring a little bit of

vibrancy to the korma a little bit of

acidity as well as a beautiful red color

and we're gonna add in some Thai green

chili and this is gonna give the korma

just a bit of heat and we're gonna mince

these up fine

all my base ingredients are chopped up

as you can see and I put them on

different plates with those are going in

at different times into the pot as well

as I have my beautiful shrimp here

they're nice and big and plump and so

they were from frozen and I let them

thaw in a little bit of cold water until

they came up to temperature and then

peeled them and these are what we need

to just get our curry going our korma

going so let's hit the stove and cook

this together

all right so stew this pot I'm going to

add a little bit of oil to get things

going and because I want a nutty flavor

this at this point you can add a little

bit of butter the story I was reaching

for the butter or some clarified butter

which has all the milk solids removed

okay and I love that little sizzle that

we have going on there and the butter or

clarified butter paired with the coconut

milk is so so tasty right so as that's

melting up let's talk spices have some

whole spices here and the reason why I'm

using whole is because I wanted to just

perfume the korma and not overwhelm it

right so I have some bay leaf here a

stick of cinnamon this is star anis it

has a beautiful licorice a flavor and it

looks like a star or a flower so


some clove as well as some cardamom pods

there green cardamom I'm going to pop in

all my spices and they're gonna start to

sizzle up and you'll know when they're

ready when the cloves are nice and puffy

so you want to give this about fifteen

to thirty seconds for them to come up to

temperature to release their natural

oils into the pot

my spices have puffed up beautifully

most notably the clove and now I'm gonna

go in with my onions beautiful sizzle

there and we're gonna saute these off

until they're nice and soft in go my

fresh ginger and garlic and I love what

the fresh ginger is gonna do to this mix

it's just gonna add a lovely bite a

little bit of heat and then go my fresh

green chillies and that's gonna add a

bit of a punch to the korma but it's not

gonna be too crazy spicy now I'm gonna

add in a little bit of water and this is

gonna help cut the coconut milk a little

bit as well as my tomato so that's just

gonna float right on in like so and

we're gonna let this come up to the

simmer alright so this is the coconut

milk that I'm using today it's bioriod e

and I love it because it's really rich

and full and you're just gonna use an

entire tin of this


and we're just gonna give that a stir

and look at that it's so creamy and

again I'm gonna bring this up to the

simmer but before we add anything else

I'm just gonna season up with a little

bit of salt there we go and once it

comes up to the simmer we'll add some


and now I'm gonna add my shrimp to the

simmering korma and shrimp and don't

take that long to cook and that's why I

love love love this curry so we're gonna

keep this on medium low heat and we're

gonna cook it for about two-and-a-half

minutes and that'll give us enough time

to beautifully cook that tripped through

and keep it nice and tender and juicy in

the middle but I'm loving these colors

already so gorgeous so the last three

things that are gonna go into this korma

are some herbs and some lemon so I have

some fresh coriander here some fresh

mint that are gonna add a ton of

brightness to the super rich curry as

well as the lemon which is just gonna

brighten all the flavors and bring them

together so let's get chopping

so I'm gonna squeeze in the juice of

about half a lemon and you're just gonna

use your hand to catch any of those

little pips because you don't want that

going in there perfect and last but not

least all those herbs I love love love

the combination of colors here we're

just gonna stir that through and it's

absolutely stunning the beautiful red of

the tomato there's a little orange

shrimp popping in there and the white

korma let's tuck in so something to note

about this curry is that it's a little

on the thinner side because this is a

South Indian korma and typically we eat

this with rice right so you pour it over

the rice you mix it together and then

you eat it with your hand so you don't

have to eat it with your hands but trust

me it's an experience you guys should

all get on it I'm gonna grab a little

bit of that beautiful korma broth a

piece of shrimp

you guys I think I'm gonna do my mom

proud with this one because this is

exactly how she makes Quora at home this

is spot-on

I love the flavor of this korma because

it's so delicate so you just get a

little bit of heat hitting the back of

your throat from those green chilies but

that creamy coconut paired with all of

those whole spices and that little bit

of lemon at the end that adds a little

bit of brightness to the korma so so

good and I should mention the herbs the

herbs the mint the coriander

those are the kicker's in this one

brings such a level of brightness to

things and it makes this curry

irresistible I hope you guys enjoyed

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