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hey you guys it's vijaya back at you

with another video and in this one I'm

going to show you my favorite North

Indian style chicken korma actually

posted a picture of this a couple of

weeks ago and you guys were like bring

me the recipe ASAP so here we are today

so korma is very across India in the

south of India they're typically

prepared with coconut milk and ground

nuts in the north they're largely nut

and yogurt based and so that's exactly

what we're gonna be doing today it is

one of my favourite curries it is so so

tasty but also really simple to prepare

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let's make some korma so we're gonna

start this korma off by slicing up a

couple of onions they're gonna be the

foundation flavor for this curry so

let's go alright so I'm just gonna slice

my onion down the middle like this and

it doesn't matter how you slice them up

because they're gonna be fried up and

then pureed until smooth but I like to

make sure that my onions are nice and

even in size so that they cook up at the

same rate so believe it or not this is

the only bit of slicing that you're

gonna be doing for the entire recipe so

I have this big mountain of onions we're

gonna hit the stove and start browning

them up so I have a little bit of canola

oil in a pot and I've heated it on

medium low heat to that I'm gonna add my

onions and they go and we're gonna cook

them until they're nicely browned and

crispy and this is gonna take about 10

to 15 minutes you want to go nice and

low and slow

it's been a good 15 minutes and as you

can tell our our onions have completely

transformed they're browned caramelized

and my entire kitchen smells amazing

and I'm gonna pull these off the stove

and let them cool to room temperature

it's amazing how much these onions cook

down I feel like we started off with

like three times this amount but they've

released all their moisture they've

caramelized to have such amazing

concentrated flavor and now we're gonna

make a paste with them so I'm gonna add

these to my blender along with a few

cashews I'm using raw cashews today as

well as a touch of water if necessary to

blend this all into a smooth paste in go

my onions my cashews and we're gonna

blend until it's nice and smooth


and this is what the pace looks like

when it's done it is rich velvety this

deep brown color I'm just gonna scoop it

out into a bowl so now that we've got

our onions sorted let's talk about the

yogurt base so I'm gonna create a spiced

yogurt and typically in Indian curries

there's some element that's a little

acidic so in a tomato curry that would

be tomatoes but because we're not using

tomatoes here today yogurt is the

perfect addition so to my yogurt I'm

gonna be adding a few spices we have a

little bit of red chili powder you can

use as much or as little as you like but

typically hormones tend to be on the

milder side so I've added just the right

amount a little bit of turmeric for that

gorgeous golden hue some coriander

powder which is nice and citrusy and

last but not least my favorite blend of

homemade gara masala

and we're just gonna mix the spices into

the yogurt until it's nice and smooth

I'm my spiced yogurt I have my onion

paste and I have a little bit of chicken

by the stove this is gonna come together

quite quickly so let's hit the stove and

make this korma together so I'm using

the same pot that I cooked my onions in

and I've just added a little bit more

oil it's heating on medium and we're

gonna introduce some whole spices into

the mix so I have some sticks of

cinnamon some green cardamom black

cardamom which is the cool cousin of

green cardamom it's nice and smoky some

cloves bay leaf and a few black

peppercorns and they're gonna go into

this pot and we're gonna toast them off

until the cloves puff up let's go so

it's only been about 10 seconds my

cloves are nice and puffed up in goes

some fresh grated ginger some garlic as

well and we're gonna saute these off for

about 10 to 15 seconds until they're

nice and aromatic so I have a pound of

boneless skinless chicken thighs I

always prefer cooking with thighs over

breasts when it comes to curries because

they stay nice and moist and tender and

they're gonna go into the pot as well

I'm going to increase my heat to high

and we're gonna coat the chicken in the

oil spice and ginger garlic mixture and

cook it until it's opaque on the outside


all right so my chicken isn't cooked

through all the way but it has a nice

spear on the outside now I'm gonna drop

the heat to medium low and we're gonna

go in with our first addition first with

my spiced yogurt now in with my onion

paste nice and thick and creamy then I'm

gonna season up generously with a bit of

salt okay and now I'm just gonna mix

everything through and you want to sort

of make sure that the onion paste is

nicely mixed into the yogurt and that

all the chicken is nice and coated and

already it smells so so good I'm gonna

just bring this back up to the simmer

and we're gonna cook this until the oil

separates on the edges of the pan this

is something that I always speak to when

I'm making koreas with you guys you want

that oil separation because that means

that the yogurt and onion mixture has

cooked through really nicely so we've

been cooking this out for a good 10

minutes now and if you look at the

perimeter of the pan you have these nice

glossy bits of oil that have risen to

the surface that's how you know that

your curry base has cooked out at this

point I'm gonna add a little bit of

water to thin out my curry because right

now it's looking really really thick and

then we're gonna let it simmer for

another 10 to 15 minutes just to make

the chicken nice and tender

so this is what the korma looks like

when it's done it's nice and lush and

creamy oh my gosh smells so so good as

well and now the last finishing touch is

just to just turn off the heat and

sprinkle in

a generous helping of chopped coriander

how gorgeous does that look I've so been

looking forward to digging in let's go

for it

oh so creamy

so so delicious the sauce is so velvety

and creamy and there's just a gentle hum

of spices throughout it's not intense

it's SuperDuper mellow you can get that

caramelization of the onions coming

through oh and I love that we blended

that up that made the sauce really

really silky the chicken is nice and

tender this is one of my favorite

curries of all time I feel like it's one

of those that is a crowd-pleaser that

everyone can enjoy and it's so so easy

to make I hope you guys enjoyed this

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eating my curry bye