How To Cook Healthy Thai Chicken Suki Roll | Thai Food

chicken breast I take all the fat out

this one have a pillow of chicken breast

and for the cabbage is like half cabbage

or as much as you like and this mushroom

I don't know what they call spring onion

a carrot you can chop the carrot and I

put with the chicken or you like to eat

chocolate as you like egg yolk and this

is the sauce that I make I'm going to

show you we can see it this is the sauce

that I make have 2 tablespoon of oyster

sauce 1 tablespoon of soy sauce and 1/2

tablespoon of fish sauce for the meat

you can add pork twins or squeak

actually like as you prefer but today I

want to be full - so I give the chicken


normally this recipe have the glass

Moodle but because I don't want to have

cuff today so I'm not gonna put any

glass middle first you need to put the

cabbage in the hot water for about 15 to

20 seconds


all right if we in 22nd and look at our

cabbage I'm gonna check it out and put

all cold water


all right so I just put the camera right

now so you can see that and go about how

I roll

first watch your hand I already wash my

hand and put the cabbage for dry I pop

the wipe it out because it's quite hard

to roll and me myself cuz maybe like I

don't like that the white part is the

hard part of the cabbage which is me and

this make is easy tool so if you look at

this net down like that and then this is

the chicken Devine marinade

can you speak here you you can push as

much as you like but make sure that you

don't put too much until you cannot roll

it so I put about like full tablespoon

chopped spring onion and then this is

one of my favorite part is the nice


in Thailand we call this one head came

home I put a lot of these then I flip up

this part is a little bit so the bomb is

not coming out and then start drawing oh

this is big body growing it rolling it

rolling it got one




but you can make small one but me myself

I like these sizes it's perfect sizes

okay so because I have small pot for the

streamer I'm gonna put this fire in

first I'm gonna put the bad boys yeah oh

that's hot you like that you like that

you can put them turn over like that

okay and because my one is big so I'm

gonna leave it on for about 15 minutes

to 20 minutes

all right now we're waiting for the

seguro to finish we're gonna prepare the

suki sauce so Sookie towards this one a

coffin Tyler and this is my favorite

sauce is called super one seems to like

Sookie stop us you cannot find this in

the Melbourne I cannot find it but this

is one of them that's soupy ever and I

also bought this is 19 me Sookie and is

like barbecue sauce also like Sookie so

much I'm gonna mix these two together

give YouTube shake it shake it both and

I put this one this one my spicy all you

can dip with Siraj assholes

oh so good for panky no listen to us

after the phone here the dipping sauce

that you can go and make with this

I don't himself you like to dip in with

them chili sauce us house

she is awesome but me I like to Sookie

sauce original all right it beans about

10 minutes I'm gonna if you're

finished yeah it's quite hot to check is

I like to cut one of them open

oh yeah

they finish are not this they've done

bit good enough to go okay I'm gonna set

up the table and then we see you later


when these cook is go so small this is

my source



and that is two pure guys if you cook

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