Go Nuts For Sandwich Piled HIGH With Brisket, Pulled Pork And Habanero Sausag

you see I have a responsibility to bring

you some of the best barbecue you've

ever seen on Triple D and after this pop

you'll say I thank you

this is Z Z Q tres hombres tres hombres

has Santino habanero sausage as well as

old pork and it has brisket it is a big

one we're gonna make that tres hombres

sandwich we're gonna build our dry rub

for our pulled pork let's see it

of course ground black pepper kosher

salt a little paprika chili powder brown

sugar granulated garlic and granulated

onion we're gonna take our Boston but

apply yellow mustard and pickle brine

slather okay rub the butts pretty

heavily with our dry rub they'll smoke

for about 12 hours okay on to the

brisket and again we're gonna start with

black pepper kosher salt paprika

little Cayenne my only cited garlic

granulated onion cumin Mexican oregano

that's what I was gonna say the mustard

and pickle brine slather dry rub and

then this is gonna go for how long for

about 16 to 18 hours we're gonna make

our signature House thick sauce what are

we missing a ballet slipper and an

engine block we're gonna toast three

types of chilies and we're gonna be

caramelizing some onions so while that's

going we're gonna start the tea oil

let's get every pot every ingredient

garlic water supposed to peppers let him

sleep 20 minutes take all this poured

into a blender puree it got it we're

gonna start the next step with the

caramelized onions okay add molasses to

that cook that down we're gonna have the

tea that we may catch up apple cider

vinegar brown sugar cumin chili flake

whole grain mustard kitchen sink I have

new wing of bat pickling brine soy lemon

juice cayenne salt cook it for an hour

an hour and a half we're done

we're gonna put the tres hombres

together I'm gonna roll fontina pulled

pork thick sauce beef brisket a little

more thick sauce pickled red onion okay

oh you will put a little hat on it just

for you I'm not gonna be a sharp-dressed

man after this


this is a monster

delicious brisket love the sausage

pulled pork nice and tender it's legit

it's real deal with great flavor

hold on chef thank you very somber ace

you have to really press it down to fit

in your mouth but brisket is very tender

it's really delicious