❤ Everything You Need To Know About Beets

today we aren't going to beat around the

bush look if you can't beat them join

them we march to the beat of a different

drum when that beat drops let us beat a

hasty retreat okay I'm done let's talk

about me

most of us think of the dark red inky

specimens when we think about beats but

let's not forget our other options there

are yellow beats also known as golden

beets these tend to be less sweet than

red beats and almost carrot like in

flavor and there are candy-striped beats

but just look so beautiful with their

concentric alternating circles of red

and white fair warning though those

beautiful concentric circles lead to an

even pink when beets are cooked and

there are even white beets which

honestly to this day I kind of struggle

with I mean I turned beet red I struggle

with beet stains on my cutting boards I

mean beet pickled eggs I dye my hair

with beet juice I mean isn't that what

beets are all about but with white beets

just all goes out the window

frankly it's destabilizing beets get

their color from a class of pigments

known as imbed elaine's

these compounds are closely related to

anthocyanins which are the purple blue

pigments that give us color in red

cabbage and blueberries interestingly

the stems of rainbow Swiss chard also

get their color from feta lanes even

more interesting Lee is beet greens are

delicious and they could be subbed in to

any recipe calling for Swiss chard

beyond betel lanes which oddly enough is

also the title of my forthcoming memoir

there's a lot of interesting chemistry

to report on when it comes to beets ask

anyone on the street what beets taste

like and there's a really high

probability that you'll get the

adjective earthy the chemical that gives

beets their earthy aroma and flavor is

called geosman can you guess where else

geosman is found that's right soil you

guys are so smart you know that

unmistakable smell in the air when it

rains after a long dry spell that smell

is due to a high concentration of

geosman and that surface soil being

forced into the air by crashing

raindrops so if a beet hater we all know

there are a lot of beet haters out there

tells you they don't like eating beets

because they taste like dirt you can

tell them that's that's largely accurate

but when geosman finds itself in acidic

conditions it converts to an odorless


so think about pickled beets beets in

vinaigrette you know I'm talking about

you can control that earthiness

personally I love that earthiness and

beats it's balanced by a luscious

sweetness beets are jam-packed with


the kind that we cook with and eat are

on par sweetness wise with apples in

sugar beets which are a major source of

sugar production here in the US contain

about 20% sucrose by weight that beats

out sugarcane but no matter what you

think of beets their earthiness their

sweetness how creepy the white ones are

there's one thing that we can all agree

on beets take a really long time to cook

think about it can you name another

vegetable about the size of a baseball

that you wrap in foil throw in a hot

oven and roast for an hour just to

tenderize it now if you're yelling at

your screen right now yeah baked

potatoes first off please don't yell at

me I wouldn't do that to you I just

wouldn't do that but look the difference

here is even after an hour sure the beet

is tender but it's still firm it has

almost a crisp texture where's the

potato is just falling apart

that kind of feat is made possible by a

high concentration of phenolic compounds

which strengthen the cell walls and

beets and make them particularly heat

stable and if we're talking about Heat

and you can't stand the heat and you

better get out of the kitchen guys this

isn't gonna work it's not gonna work

because I have to go to the I have to go

to the kitchen right not out of it

that's how the show works I always go to

the kitchen yeah I know I wrote it you

don't have to remind me of that let's go

to kitchen first let's whip up a batch

of pickled beets this is a recipe by

beet hater

Sasha Mart's and it takes advantage of

the wonderful bacteria that give us half

sour pickles and fermented hot sauce

you've seen the hot sauce episode right

no we just sliced some gorgeous red

beets on a mandolin nice and thin

combined with a brine and let it sit for

about a week the beets emerge crisp

tangy and delicious far cry from the

weird jarred pickled beets that everyone

is afraid of the beets are awesome on

salad sandwiches you name it but the

beet pickling liquid is just as valuable

one crazy use for it this Campari and

orange juice infused granita if you find

Campari too bitter and you're not a big

beet fan this is not the recipe for you

but if like me you like kicking back in

the middle along

work day with a Negroni you need this

recipe and if you're gonna blow some

minds at your next dinner party you

absolutely need this beet and buttermilk

panna cotta with black sesame brittle

the sweetness of the beets and the Tang

nice of the buttermilk work together to

create something truly special but I can

hear some of you saying whoa whoa slow

down Danny Boy I'm just here for my beet

salad with goat cheese whatever happen

to that don't worry I'm here for that to

you but we can do it better than before

most of the time we cook our beets whole

and they do all of our peeling and

cutting afterwards but we can actually

speed up cooking time considerably if we

do our peeling and cutting first like we

do with most other vegetables beets can

stain everything so if you have gloves

it's helpful to wear them here or just

let your hands get pink just peel cut

tossed with water and salt and microwave

covered until tender that took just 20

minutes take that phenolic compounds

well those little jewels cool we'll make

a creamy component for the salad with

goat cheese chives the lemon and a

little care way nice and we'll lightly

dress some arugula and our beets and

we'll plate it up just like this man

this is almost too pretty to eat I said

almost this is how to eat beets

hey it's Valentine's Day and instead of

chocolate this year show the person you

really love what you actually think

about that make him something with beats