Easy Ways To Make Top-Rated Meatballs and Spaghetti

okay so two tablespoons of freshly

minced parsley I need about a half a cup

of grated Parmesan cheese I think it's

unusual and meatballs but I think it

gives it lots of flavor all these

ingredients are designed to either

flavor it or hold it together so I'm

just gonna beat it a little bit pour it

on top now some seasoning quarter of a

teaspoon of nutmeg two teaspoons of salt

half a teaspoon of pepper and here's the

surprising part warm water 3/4 of a cup

I sure learned this trick from Rao's

that famous Italian restaurant in New

York and it keeps the meatballs so moist

you wouldn't believe in okay clean hands

cooks best tool and you want to do this

really lightly you don't want to sort of

compact it you want to fluff it up and

still mix them together oh this smells

so good

so this is gonna make about 16 really

good sized meatballs

I'm just perfect for my guess so I've

got a quarter of inch of oil 1/2 olive

oil and 1/2 vegetable oil and it's gonna

saute these and just keep turning them

so they Brown evenly on all sides I'm

going them in two batches so I don't

want to overcrowd them so they Brown



it's the second batch of news boss

you've done ten minutes until they're

nice and brown and then I'm gonna finish

cooking them in tomato sauce okay I'm

just gonna pour off all the oil that I

used for cooking the meatballs so I'm

gonna use the same pan it's got all of

that great flavor from their meatballs

fresh oil 1 cup of onions it's one or

two onions depending on how big they are

and they're gonna cook for 10 minutes

until they're really tender and

flavorful and now I need some wine for

the sauce ok one and a half teaspoons of


I do the garlic at the end because it

burns really quickly mmm you can smell

the garlic immediately that's wonderful

okay have a couple of red wine deglaze

the pan get all those really crusty bits

from the meatballs really flavors the

sauce it cleans the pan too one 28-ounce

can of crushed tomatoes

okay that's great that tablespoon of

parsley and a half teaspoons of salt one

and a half teaspoons of pepper we're

gonna cook that together for a minute

okay so now what I'm gonna do is take

the meatballs and just put them right

back into the sauce and they're gonna

cook for about 25 to 30 minutes

now I'm get to put them all in

nice tomato sauce and meatballs

hey bunch of basil right in the middle

big spoons can't wait to see their faces