Buttery Biscuits Topped With Creamy Sausage Gravy Recipe

to go with the biscuits I've got in the

oven I'm making a big batch of sausage

gravy this gets and gravy is the Cowboys

favorite it's pretty much in their DNA

everybody absolutely loves it

all right I've got 2 pounds of breakfast

sausage and I just tore it into small

pieces threw it in a big skillet and I'm

just browning it up and I'll use this to

make the gravy this gravy is so

wonderful it's really creamy and really

thick and it has little chunks of

sausage all throughout so so good so now

I'll sprinkle in a little flour I'll

start with about 1/3 a cup and I'm just

gonna make the gravy right on the top of

the sausage a lot of times when I make

sausage gravy I'll fry patties and

sausage take it out of the skillet and

then use the grease to make the gravy

but I love this method because you just

keep it all in the skillet it's a lot

less work ok now I'll stir this in

I want the flour just to completely coat

the sausage sort of becomes one and I'll

stir it around it's always been a little

difficult for me to give an exact recipe

for gravy because there's so much

eyeballing this required I just sort of

look at it and if it seems like it needs

a little more flour I just sprinkle it

in okay this looks perfect the flour has

pretty much disappeared into the sausage

so I'll grab the milk I'm using whole

milk just to make it extra rich and

creamy I'm gonna start with a good 5 or

6 cups I used quite a bit of flour so

it's gonna thicken up stir it around now

I'm gonna turn up the heat a little bit

and let this start bubbling away I

really predict not a drop of this is

gonna be left


the gravy is gorgeously thick it looks

just perfect so I'm gonna season it up

I'll just add a little bit of salt I

don't want to add too much until I have

a chance to taste it plenty of black

pepper there's a lot of pepper in this

meal and then just a little bit of

seasoned salt to give it extra flavor

now stir that around it looks

unbelievably wonderful I could eat it by

the spoonful