Austin’s Most Legendary Tex-Mex

Joe Avella: On Austin's East 6th Street

is one of the most iconic

Tex-Mex restaurants in the country.

It's even credited as making

classic Tex-Mex dishes,

like huevos rancheros,

a Southwestern staple.

Gots to try the fajita steak.

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪

I'm eating like a king!

This is Cisco's.

And it's been here since 1950.

Customer: Today we got the lunch special.

Cheese enchiladas, rice and beans.

With their famous salsa, which is bangin'.

It's excellent. Yeah, I love it here.

Joe: No trip to Austin would be complete

without a visit to this

iconic Tex-Mex landmark.

It's the place in Austin to get your fix

of huevos rancheros and migas,

served up today same

as it was 70 years ago.

Today I'm trying a few

of the signature dishes.

Huevos rancheros, migas,

enchiladas, biscuits.


This thing that looks really good.


I may have ordered too much food.

Matt Cisneros: Tex-Mex is

something that Texans are very proud of.

It's something that

obviously stems from Mexico

and the food that originated

there over many years,

and Texas essentially

just put their spin on it.

Each restaurant and

individual preparing it

has this sense of pride

as to what their Tex-Mex version is.

Joe: Rudy Cisneros opened Cisco's in 1950

in an old meatpacking building,

the same teal brick

building on East 6th Street

it resides in today.

As a longtime staple in the community,

Cisco's has been serving

its classic Tex-Mex cuisine

to generations of Austin

natives and visitors.

It also became a spot

for local politicians

and celebrities like Willie Nelson

to enjoy a great meal and relax.

The one Tex-Mex thing here

that I'm not familiar with

is migas, which was eggs

with tomato and onion,

and the most interesting about the migas

was he broke tortilla chips in it.

Put the tortilla chips on

while it's on the grill,

and that looks very interesting.


Mm, it's great with the chips,

the saltiness of the chips.

With the eggs, and the

cheese, and the onion.

Yeah, I'm into it.

The key here is the sauce.

The salsa is really good.

Oh, man. It's, like, smoky.

Matt: My grandfather

literally has on his grave

that he made migas and

huevos rancheros famous,

so it's something we're very proud of.

Joe: That's sunny-side-up eggs

with their killer ranchero sauce.

The famous sauce is made fresh daily

and perfectly brings everything

on the plate together.

Yep, that's terrific.

It's really spicy.

Ooh, it's got some heat to it. Hang on.

It's the right amount of heat,

and these eggs are cooked so perfectly.

So good.

A trip to Cisco's would not be complete

without some biscuits.

Whoa, dude. Wow.

♪ La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪

It only took me tasting

six different dishes

to realize that Cisco's:


I'm eating like a king!


Matt: I'd say that on a Texas

football home-game weekend,

we're serving thousands

and thousands of people.

This is the place that,

7 a.m., you're gonna

have somebody literally

waiting at the door to get in.

And by 11 o'clock, there's

a line out the doors.