An Ultimate In Hybrid Desserts Reciep-Coconut Burfi Cupcakes

hey you guys it's Jay back at you with

another video in today's video I'm going

to show you how to make coconut burfi


it's my hybrid dessert of the year you

guys I love cupcakes and coconut barfi

is an amazing fudge that's flavored with

cardamom and coconut and we're gonna use

that as the frosting on top of a

cardamom flavored cupcake I've tested

the recipe it is so so good and I can't

wait for you guys to try it as well but

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you need is there let's go make some

Indian cupcakes so we're gonna start by

making the cupcake batter and one of the

first ingredients that I'm going to work

on is curdling my whole milk so we're

making a homemade buttermilk it's not

traditional per se but it does the trick

because I find a lot of the time in

baking recipes that call for buttermilk

you buy it once you use it for that

recipe and you never use it again which

makes absolutely no sense to me so we're

gonna use things that we have on hand to

make buttermilk so I have a little bit

of milk here naturally and to that I'm

going to squeeze in about a tablespoon

of lemon juice we're gonna give it a

stir and let it hang on the counter so

we're gonna give it a stir and look

almost instantly it has curdled and this

is exactly what you're looking for now

we're gonna work on my dry ingredients

so I have a little bit of all-purpose

flour that's gonna go into this bowl

we're gonna top it off with some baking

soda some baking powder as well as a

little sprinkle of salt I'm just gonna

fork all those ingredients through so

that they're nice and combined I have a

stand mixer that's fitted with a paddle

attachment and to my bowl I'm gonna add

a couple of large eggs I'm gonna pour in

some white sugar I'm gonna just drop the

top down and we're gonna whisk this up

until it's nice and smooth


I'm gonna sprinkle it in my ground

cardamom a bit of vanilla and my oil and

we're gonna mix this again until it's

well combined


now we're going to be adding our dry

ingredients as well as that buttermilk

that we prepared in increments so I'm

going to go in with just a touch of

flour we're going to let that blend up

then we're going to add a touch of

buttermilk let that blend up and keep

doing that until we've used up both of

those ingredients


in with a little bit of the buttermilk

and we mix again


and just like that our cupcake batter is

done take a look it smells amazing it's

not super thick it's on the thinner side

and that's gonna result in a really

moist cupcake and now all that's left to

do is to scoop it out into the cupcake

tin my favorite way to scoop up the

batter is with an ice cream scoop

because you get the right portion every

single time and you want to make sure

that your liners are filled up about 3/4

of the way


my cupcakes are good to go my oven is

preheated to 350 degrees I'm gonna pop

these guys in for about 16 minutes or

until a toothpick inserted in the middle

comes out somewhat clean and I have to

say that this recipe only makes nine

cupcakes so if you have more friends

coming over make sure to double up let's

go so while my cupcakes are baking away

we're gonna get started on our coconut

and barfi topping which is so simple to

make so I have a little bit of

desiccated unsweetened coconut that's

gonna go into the pot I'm gonna top that

off with a little bit of milk and one of

my favorite ingredients of all-time

condensed milk that's milk that's been

cooked down with sugar until it's a nice

and thick and now we're gonna bring this

to the stove and cook it out until it

gets nice and fudgy and texture so I'm

gonna turn my heat to about medium-high

we're going to start stirring all of

these ingredients and they're gonna take

about 10 minutes to cook and all so I

turn my heat off everything is nice and

fudgy and thick I'm gonna sprinkle in my

ground cardamom cardamom is so iconic

when it comes to Indian desserts it has

a beautiful floral aroma and we're just

gonna mix that in smells so so good and

we're gonna let this mixture cool to

room temperature so this is what the

cupcakes look like when they're done

nice and fluffy and tall and we just let

them cool to room temperature and I'm

just gonna chop up a few pistachios

these are gonna go on top after and

we're gonna give them a rough chop all

right so now I'm going to use a little

mini ice cream scoop I find that it's

super easy to do it that way and scoop

out my coconut burfi on top and then

we're just gonna use the back the back

of the scoop to just smooth it out

doesn't that look amazing and now we're

gonna chop the rest

now the jewel to each of these cupcake

crowns is a nice sprinkling of crushed

pistachios on top look at how gorgeous


and this guy has my name written all

over him oh my goodness we're gonna peel

it back it looks so fluffy the cupcake

here goes this is gonna be a big bite I



you guys this is the cupcake to end all

cupcakes okay the cake itself is so

moist and light and the pairing of the

vanilla and cardamom that goes so well

together so so delicious not overly

sweet but the kicker is that coconut

burfi on top it's a little chewy it's a

little creamy that flavor of cardamom

just comes through it's nice and

delicate and then topped with those

crunchy pistachios you have fluffy on

the bottom chewy a little creamy on top

and crunchy up such a great combination

this is an Itza meets West dessert with

this hybrid coconut barfi cupcake I hope

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see you later guys