An Easy Recipe To Cure Bacon at Home | Cooking Skills

folks in this episode today we're

showing you an easy way to make your own

bacon right at home it's gonna save you

time it's gonna save you money and they

ain't no artificial ingredients

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some smoke drift in there in the

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what we're gonna do even a happy dance I

mean it is a great day above the grass

and we're so glad to have you each and

every one hi and before we go any

further hey it is 2020 the cookbook

comes out March 17th that's Chen's day

that's st. Patrick's Day for the little

Irish girl you see you're back there I

can see her she sure is cute

what is it big booked her all around let

me see can i name the cities and see if

i have studied you see this Sears is a

really pretty piece of hog meat also

cold what anybody know you last rode

down by the corner in the pecan tree yep

that is right pork belly so when you go

to looking for one of these you're not

just going in there to the grocery store

and said hey I need some bacon I'm gonna

cook my own no no you want a pork belly

now I could remember growing up I was

fortunate enough to be around them

old-timers on the coldest day of the


what would happen a lot of y'all know it

was hog killing day I mean people will

be bringing hogs never work they put up

the the hams they put up the bacon they

cured it all as an old man once told me

son we use everything even the squeal

when we get through with him he'll know

what's in there so I wanted to bring

back them flavors the flavor and the

aroma of that bacon that I could smell

in that old smokehouse and hey it was

either dry salt cured or smoked cured

where I come from and I sure do prefer

the smoke method more than I do the salt

just salt dry cured cause salt sure it

brings all the moisture out and we're

gonna mix a marinade that has some salt

in it but I really like this smoked

cured I'm making her own hey it's gonna

last if you freeze it 4 to 6 months I

never had a piece of bacon last that

long in my life

Duke and the Beagle can go through this

slab and maybe two meals but this is a

quicker way yeah easier way we're

bringing out all of them delicious

flavors that you need to know and they

no artificial ingredients here folks

we're just making it quick simple and no

so good now there's all kinds of curing

methods that you could find you can look

at them on that google deal and it'll

take you to a bunch of them and a lot of

them are going to tell you you're gonna

need this pink nitrate powder well folks

that's for long preserve curing a night

for sure what's all in that you know

what them old timers used a lot down

there when I was little I'd hear them

put it in there at here and say somebody

bring the sale result you know what sale

result has any folks it has some nitrate

powders in it so hey I didn't put none

in it because it ain't gonna last that

long he right there afraid of it I

promise but let's let's talk about pork

belly and where does it come from yeah

I'm talking like right here

both these little sides not not getting

up in the ribs but the belly that wraps

around here and them good hugs I mean

mmm now when you get these they're gonna

have a big old layer of fat on the

bottom side of this but even more than

what that is and their skin on and skin

off now back there and they're in hog

killing days when they'd take that skin

and peel it off er how many people know

what it was for huh I'm talking homemade

cracklins they just cut him throwing

that Oh hot lord over dip them things

out they was good eating but I trimmed

this one even the fat I got it it is a

skinless it doesn't have any skin on it

and you can order them both ways I just

went ahead and got this without the skin

or the rind as I call it and then I just

trimmed it out now if you won't leave a

little more fat than I did sure you can

do that I'm okay with that but I like my

bacon a little leaner I'm sort of

watching my figure and got to be looking

good all the time so I trimmed it really

good oh we're gonna make us a marinade

to put on there and let this little

piece of hog sit for three days so we

got kosher salt and then we got some

apple sauce some brown sugar and I like

me some maple syrup uh-huh I mean not a

whole bunch but I'm gonna put me some in

there coarse ground black pepper don't

think you can use that other stuff I

don't want you to I want you to get the

big coarse ground black pepper

tablespoons of Red River Ranch mesquite

seasoning with that ancho chili powder

in there if you ain't got it hey I will

tell you you can use salt pepper smoked

paprika and some dried ancho chili

powder and mix that in there oh well now

when you get all this stuff in there and

it's gonna be a gooey thick and sticky

add you about 1/2 cup of warm water in

there stir that really well got it on

that flat baking sheet just pour half of

it over the top take your spatula if you

got some gloves on just rub it in

everywhere turn it over pour the other

half on there seal it up good set it in


now we're gonna stay three days in there

but after the first day and a half want

you to go out there turn this meat over

and make sure that both sides are

equally laying in the love that's what

we're gonna do now folks at the end of

that three days when you bring that

bacon out of that icebox get it in there

on the counter

I want you to go ahead and walk rinse

all that stuff over with some warm water

now I'm not talking about scrubbing it

I'm just giving it a good rinsing now

you say why are you getting rid of all

that flavor Kent well folks you try to

leave that on there now sure it would

work just fine if we were like that pork

belly video we did where we were smoking

and curing the whole pork belly till

it's plumb done but no this is bacon we

leave that on there and then we go to

curing it out and then we try to fry

that bacon with all that sweetness that

have stayed on there and caramelized to

that when we cook it longer it's gonna

be burnt get your wire rack put it back

on that baking sheet lay your bacon on

top of there and let it sit 45 minutes

till it warms up and then we'll bring it

out here and slap it on some smoke it

took me about two really big handfuls

a mesquite hardwood lump set it on the

far end of this grill let it get good

and why added me about five or six

pieces a good chunky Applewood now we're

gonna try to run this at about a hundred

and seventy degrees internal temp and

that's when we're going to pull it now

let's when we mention this mesquite wood

and Applewood

now I have had hickory and Apple or just

straight Hickory but to me folks when

you've got some bacon in there and I

want to draw some more flavor to it more

than any

else I want a fruit would in there I've

used some apricot I've used some peach

but you can start out with any other

hardwood beside that or you can just do

solely fruit wood I ain't got no problem

with that so whatever you want to do but

just make sure you combine them both

wait till your hardwood lump or whatever

wood you're using it's good and hot then

put your fruit wood on there cuz we

don't want to use it up right at the

first we want it to last during the

duration to slip that smoke just love

all the way around that piece of hold


well we got our own hasty bake fired up

here we do and you see me remember now

put all in coals to one end that's where

we're keeping them and it don't take

much because folks we're trying to get

that temperature to where the internal

is 170 so it ain't gonna take a whole

lot to do that outside temperature today

about 45 so we have got us some smoke

cool rolling in there today and all the

fire is on Miss iam down here so I'm

gonna set this piece and hug me right

there on this in got her hog on there

and I even heard him what is it

yeah I heard him squeal right there to

last so just like that old-timers say it

we got all of it in there now takes

about anywhere from like I say two to

three hours to get that internal

temperature up there and we'll put a

probe in from down there on one end

usually the thickest one so just keep an

eye on it come out here and about an

hour and a half we'll check it because

we are gonna turn it over and let it

have equal smoking time on both sides

now down there on the end that has the

bacon I have one side of them little

vents open on this other one I just

barely got her cracked I just want to

get a little airflow to work running

that smoke right down there to it we'll

keep an eye on the temp but we'll always

keep an eye on the time



well at an hour and a half a dozen snuck

out here what nobody watching but me and

then opened it up flip the bacon over

adding me just a few more little pieces

Applewood and crank the grill up half is

much more I mean that's all the heat we

started out with but I wanted to raise

them cold up to where I had a little

more heat now if you're cooking this on

something that you can maintain that

constant heat you won't have to raise

that grill or get your heat unlevel one

way or the other but we're gonna let it

go a total of three hours and that's

what it went folks and we're gonna check

that internal temp I'm looking from

somewhere 140 to 150 so I have a probe

let's see what happens

oh and ain't it a pretty looking little

hog in there so right down here in the

thickest part of this right in the

middle let's go ahead and see what

happens look here we at 140 warms so

folks at that time we have smoked cured

this bacon now remember the salt mixture

that we had in there to start out with

helped get some of that moisture out of

there but the smoke and that other

flavors that went ahead and got in there

look at that I mean I could just bite on

into that right now and have breakfast

remember that wire rack we had start out

with we're gonna put that bacon on there

take it in there to the house and let it

cool for at least an hour and then I'm

gonna put me a little wrapping over it

place it in the icebox and I like to let

it sit for at least four hours but I

prefer overnight seems like you get some

more of that penetration of that smoke

down in there and it slices a whole lot

better cold and it does work well it

chilled for hours it did I prefer to go

overnight but the beagle and all the

pups is hungry and we're gonna see now I

want you to look the grain of this is

running in that direction right so we

always slice against the grain but I'm

gonna go ahead and square this up and

don't thank folks that this is gonna go

to waste if I was to stew

have me some pot of beans or green beans

or something like that that I need is a

piece of big old piece of bacon in there

hey em chunks will fit right in there

they will but today

folks seeing as I've had this really

good help come on helpers biggest first

there's the Duke and we babysitting

Waylon today so we got extra help she's

over chewing on a leather glove she'd

rather have had his bacon but I will go

ahead and just square this end up looks

like hog meat to me big it looks like

the best piece of bacon I ever seen come

out a package or a story and we done

made it at home and y'all can - it is

that simple just make sure you let it

cool at least four but if you want added

flavor let it sit overnight it makes a

big difference but ain't but one way to

find out how this is and let's throw it

in this field skillet right over here

that's been heating up I love to hear

that sound of bacon frying anytime today

bacon it is

praise the Lord pass the biscuits I'm

gonna put 12 pound of bacon on each one

it makes me do the wavy bacon dancer

does folks that is better than any

store-bought bacon you can find hmm

so easy to do and so good and I've got

all these participants hey easy now wait

my turn and another turn and and that's

it get lost we hope you enjoyed this

episode on making some bacon because we

sure did and it's easy folks you can do

it all you got to do is pick up one of

them pork bellies and get after you as

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Hey quiet on the set well we hope you

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