10-Minute Tomato Egg Drop Soup Recipe | Cooking Skills

uber comforting egg drop soup Wow I mean

10 minutes and you've got this it's

freaking insane this is my ten minute

tomato egg drop soup alright guys so I

have a confession well it's not really a

confession it's more like well just a

little bit of news I guess because a lot

of you have been guessing in the

comments on my channel that I'm pregnant

and yes I am I'm literally like three

weeks away from from bursting or popping

or whatever you would call so this

recipe is one of the recipes that I have

been cranking out constantly in the past

few weeks because as you can imagine I'm

still filming videos for you guys and at

the end of the day I am pretty tired so

I need something really quick and really

comforting and also something that my

two-year-old toddler will eat and she

loves egg drop soup I mean check out how

cute she is eating my cauliflower

version which I've done for you guys so

there's a big news everyone yes I'm

super excited I can't believe that we're

nearly there

and to celebrate let's make a really

awesome soup all right we're gonna start

with the tomato first of all because

I've got a little trick here that I

always do with my tomatoes that I think

you guys will really love it's the best

flavor out of them and I just want some

rough chunks here and then here's the

little secret season the tomatoes and

let them sit for a little while the salt

will kind of penetrate in there make the

tomatoes a little like all their juices

sort of run and just a couple of minutes

you know of them sitting in that little

sprinkling of salt it's gonna make all

the difference and I always do this

whether I'm just having like tomato

toast or using some tomatoes for some

pasta sauce just a little extra step

will make everything more

tomatoey and extra okay so while I'm

waiting for the toilets to do their

thing with the so let's get our eggs

organized and then I'll spring onion as

well so I want to use the pail part of

the spring onion here and I'm going to

save the greens for a bit later on and

now let's get everything into the

saucepan because of course we've only

got ten minutes a little bit of oil in

my pan and then just have a look at

these Tomatoes before I add them in so

they've been sitting here like a couple

of minutes and you can see they're

getting nice and juicy that salt has

really started to absorb into the tomato

just a little extra step there makes all

the difference

tomatoes in here along with those juices

and some of the spring onion and now I

just want a little smattering of garlic

here I don't really want a big garlic

flavor I just want like a hint of it in

the background to my soup so just half a

clove is good or a quarter even and now

just let these guys kind of get a little

mushy with that heat there a couple of

minutes is all you need just waiting for

some of that tomato to break down and so

this one is a great one for any of you

guys that might be pregnant as well I

don't know about you but the me morning

sickness has been quite severe which

isn't really great when you film food

food videos all day but a really simple

flavor like just tomato and egg is

something that has been really good for

me to stomach so tell me what you guys

have been eating if you are also

expecting I would love to hear all right

so you can see a really good layer of

like red mush down the bottom there

that's exactly what we want I'm going to

add in some chicken stock just

store-bought is fine we're not being a

hero here today if you've got some

homemade in the fridge or freezer that's

great but

just cheat a little bit here make that

to bubble up again

so now I'm going to add in some extra

seasoning here some soy sauce and then

for me an egg drop soup has that really

lovely texture that's kind of luscious

and a little thick and you know

luxurious and for that we need some corn

flour I'm just mixed with that with a

little bit of water just give that a mix

and as that kind of simmers away for a

minute or so things will start to

thicken up and get nice and shiny in

there okay so now when we've got a kind

of a rapid boil going here we want to

add our egg and a secret to getting that

beautiful like where but lacy effect on

the egg is just to spin around create a

little vortex in a soup pour that egg

into the middle and love that little

that little magic that happens when the

egg goes in just joyful okay so now I'm

going to add a little bit of pepper here

and now let's make use of the green part

of the spring onion we saved from

earlier let's knit those straight in and

let me just check for seasoning

I love that play that alright just a

little bit more salt for my liking and

that is get let's get that out into a

bowl just look at that ruby red color

and that egg such a beautiful little

pattern ah the simplest things can bring

so much joy


Wow I mean ten minutes and you've got

this it's freakin insane that tomato

flavor bring so much to mommy and just a

little bit of Tang eNOS and the soup

itself so savory and comforting with

that creamy egg out-of-this-world good

and so good for me because you know ten

minutes at the end of the day for a

pregnant lady to make dinner is winning

in my book oh and I didn't even tell you

guys so boy or girl what do you think

why don't you get down the bottom if

you've been following me on Facebook or

Instagram you might already know but

let's see what you guys think

yeah I'm gonna go hope all of this me

and the couch and a bowl of this suit

he's where I need to be right now